Inland team: Laura

What have you been doing before?

I have worked mostly in different communication projects. This includes writing, photographing, editing, making animations and event planning.

At the moment I am finishing my double degree on Aalto and Uppsala University. Because of this, the last two years I have been going back and forward between scientific analysis and arts: in one moment I am analysing terrorism or information war, in the other second I change my topic to material research, screenwriting, start up scenes or prototyping.

Why did you come to Migri?

At the moment both of my studies are related in many ways to Migri. As I am writing double thesis Migri gives me a good opportunity to tackle these two topics from various point of views. Working at Migri also gives opportunity to challenge my design thinking.

Finding the actual thesis topic is still in process but I will combine my theoretical knowledge on information war, propaganda, terrorism, religion and social media to my practical know-how on service design, prototyping and creating new solutions.

What else? I have been immigrant (lived longer periods abroad) so I know how the bureaucracy can add stress levels to the highest. I find that we should try to develop and design our existing systems forward and make them as good as possible.

How do you want to work in Inland?

I hope that we can combine design to Migris bureaucratic know-how to develop more sustainable solutions for everybody. I also think that with co-operation we can get the best solutions to any problem so I hope that we can work with different people.

How do you envision Inland in the future?

Inland gives new ideas and ways to carry out for the already existing bureaucratic systems.

What do you do when you’re not working in Inland?

In my free-time I am doing science so either I am argumenting against my own theories or I am researching some topic.