Road trip to Lappeenranta and Joutseno

In March we went to Lappeenranta and Joutseno as part of our road trip in Finland initiative. Migri has offices around the country, therefore it is good to make Inland’s work visible and also kick-start new initiatives with teams that are not based in Helsinki. Last year we have already been to the Migri Kuhmo premises, and in May we went to the Oulu offices.

What have we done in Lappeenranta?

We conducted a 6 hour ideation workshop with the asylum seeker unit. This ideation workshop consists of:

1) mapping current challenges,

2) brainstorming ideas for future development,

3) classifying these ideas in terms of the impact and the easiness to implement them,

4) choosing one idea that could have the biggest impact,

5) making future scenarios on the ideas using building blocks, and

6) articulating the vision of the idea (using a vision canvas)

We used Dixit cards to ask participants feedback on the workshop.
Envisioning canvas (work in progress)

Three ideas came from this workshop. After the workshop we have done two presentations and one video on the visions, based on the material gathered in these canvases and sent back to the teams. As an example, the third idea involved the renewal of Migri’s interview spaces. We created a video to present the idea, and we will share this video with Migri teams who work with the renovation of future spaces.

The workshop teams will now decide how to present their ideas internally in order to get support from managers and start getting resources to develop these ideas further. Inland will go to the presentations and support the teams. Together, we will think about how to move forward. We do not consider Inland the driving force in these projects, but a partner that provides service design capabilities to kick-start these initiatives. In certain cases these ideas will be converted into new initiatives that we can support. In other cases these ideas are initiatives that other colleagues could develop without our support.

This is a new model of collaboration that allows us to take certain distance from the initiatives that come from our ideation workshops. We do not want to appropriate the ideas of our colleagues that come from these ideation workshops. Instead, we provide a model for the vision and presentation of the ideas. Subsequently, we cannot tell about the content of these new visions, but we will wait for our colleagues to decide to make these visions public.

What have we done in Joutseno?

We conducted a 3 hour ideation workshop with representatives of the staff. We learned about their challenges and ideated what could be done to solve those challenges. Ideas that came in this workshop will be developed by the ones that have proposed them. There might be a possibility to support the unit in one specific task.

We also conducted a 3 hour ideation workshop with the asylum seekers in the center. Preliminary results of this workshop were shared with people in the asylum seeker unit and in the reception center.

We learn a lot about the operations of our organization during these road trips. We are also able to start development work in a new way. We are grateful to our colleagues that receive us and openly shared their concerns and ideas. Soon, we will tell more about what happened with these new visions.