What we are up to? — Oct 2017

This is a summary of the projects in which we are now working:

Bear in mind that these titles might change as the projects evolve.

Case 1: RIDE -, right data for the right decisions.

What is it?: a tool for decision making developed in collaboration with Migri board. The tool will be enhanced by artificial intelligent that will create future scenarios to support and focus discussions in meetings, especially in board meetings.

State of the art: The kick off of this case was on the 19.11.2017. We are now continuously working with the board to better understand their practices. We are also working on the definition of KPIs for the development and defining the technical architecture for the tool.

Case 2: Future of customer self service

What is it? A chatbot that will answer some of the repetitive questions asked in our telephone lines.

State of the art: co-design work done in Kuhmo with ASPA (customer phone line service unit) personnel answering the phone (link to the other blog article). Development team is doing the technical proof of concept. Inland is working on the design concept and content for the pilot.

Case 3: Human-centric asylum seeker journey.

What is it?: This is a chatbot for asylum seekers that will answer questions in relations to various areas such as living in Finland, health and work.

State of the art: We have a vision document and a prototype. Inland is building the partnerships for kick-starting this project.

Case 4: Vital & living Finland — Welcome to Finland Hackathon.

What is it? This is a collaborative way of solving the question of how to fast- track the process of granting residence permits for investors. We aim to replicate the hackathon format to fast track other residence permits.

State of the art: We are building a partnership to organize a hackathon in relation to the topic. Welcome to Finland-hackathon will take place in Spring 2018 and be organized in collaboration with Tekes and Airo ry.

Case 5: Universal Digital Embassy.

What is it? This is the creation of the infrastructure for allowing people to do most of the applications online, validation the originality of certain documents as well as biometrics could be done by 3rd parties, such as post offices or other country’s embassies. The Universal Digital Embassy would allow people living far away from their respective embassies to get residence permits and visas without having to spend time and money to travel to Finnish embassies.

State of the art: It is still in idea phase. Next we will produce the vision document.

Case 6: Migri takes care of immigrants

What is it? A set of 10 ideas for the future collaboration between Inland and communication unit on the external image of Migri.

State of the art: We will discuss the ideas with the department and define a roadmap for future implementation.

Case 7: Strong digital identification

What is it? A project to give strong digital identification to immigrants coming to Finland.

State of the art: We are currently producing a vision document.

Case 8: Less silos and hierarchies in Migri

What is it? A set of ideas for the future personal and organizational development

State of the art: We prioritized ideas with the head of the unit and are now collaborating in the development of some of them.

Case 9: MA-TU-MU-PA finding the red thread.

What is it? A process sprint to align processes of two units: MaMu (Immigration unit) and TuPa (Asylum unit). Two days of intensive work on two processes with the aim of evaluating and re-thinking them together.

State of the art: Scheduled for the 21–22 of November 2017

Case 10: Vieno, a national network of chatbots.

What is it? A vision statement on the development of a national network of chatbots.

State of the art: we are producing an animated video to show the idea. The vision for a national network of chatbot will also be presented in Slush.

Contributors: Mariana Salgado and Susanne Miessner

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