Inloop is now INLOOPX

Since day one we’ve wanted to be an international software company that builds great software. After years of working for companies like Intel, Mercedes-Benz and many others, it’s safe to say we’ve accomplished that goal. However, our name did not reflect this. So, today we are rolling out to reflect both — our company’s history and progress.

Why the rebrand?

Behind our rebrand is a story. It’s a story of a small company that began with a couple of guys and grew into a family, with great partners worldwide. In part to showcase that we have grown from a startup to an international company, we decided to switch names. A new name and domain that reflect both our global focus and company’s roots.

When we first started, the Inloop name did not hold a strong significance for us. In fact, it was just a random name. But as we have grown and become a family, we could not imagine not being “inloopers” anymore.

At the same time, we have outgrown our European region, and now have major customers located in North America. We are operating globally and need a domain which reflects that.

That is why we have decided to rebrand to INLOOPX hosted on It represents a continuous desire to be better and still hold dear everything we have accomplished in the last 6 years. We’re still the same great team and the name change is really just to reflect our original goals from the beginning.

In last two years, the six-year old INLOOPX has won numerous awards such as Deloitte Fast 50, EY Entrepreneur of the Year and Inc. 5000 Europe. We are a certified developer partner for Google and Microsoft, as well as a leading development agency. We develop custom-made software for companies such as Intel, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung and many others. Our team of 130+ specializes in the development of mobile, web and AR/VR applications. We provide our customers with complete services throughout the development of the digital product cycle.