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Askdata, fast data for your teams

INNAAS has launched Askdata, the natural language data access platform that simplifies data access and makes it damn easy for teams of any size to exchange data insights

With Askdata users can:

  1. Connect datasets

Connect your data-sources like AWS Aurora, MySQL, MS SQL, MicroStrategy, Qlik Sense, MS Excel, AWS Redshift and many more

2. Ask data in real-time

Natural Language data access to connected data sources. “What’s my revenue for the 2018" — “Compare sales in Paris and Lille”

3. Share insights

Share answers with team members through Askdata channels, the mentioning capabilities, comments, and direct message


  • Faster: Faster data access
  • Savings: Cheaper analytics deployments
  • Collaborative: Better data-driven collaboration

Askdata (INNAAS)


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Askdata, Ask for your data

Askdata (INNAAS)