INNAAS creates FantaSerieATIM

ROME, ITALY — (DECEMBER 10, 2015) — INNAAS has created FantaSerieATIMthe official “Serie A TIM” fantasygame for TIM and Lega Serie A.

The game is based on the INNAAS’ data driven platform Sport Digital Platform, an industry unique platform that enable the real-time mashup of sport dataset, social network analytics and user interactions.

FantaSerieATIM features:

  • Real-time Performance Score
  • Game scores are calculated in real-time evaluating soccer player performance with no human intervention
  • Realtime substitutions
  • Users can substitute players in real-time to avoid any missed opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Users can challenges and invite friends to discover who’s the best fantasy-manager
  • Power-ups
  • Users can activate power-up conditions that will add additional points if conditions are met

Earlier in 2014, the company launched the first of its sport analytics products, Sport Digital Platform, a fully customizable, software platform that allows brands to deliver branded real-time engagement experiences leveraging Sport Analytics and Big Data.