INNAAS is announcing its Gold sponsorship with hackBIZ

Rome, March 09, 2017 - INNAAS, the fast growing company specialized in the creation and development of Artificial Intelligence Driven platforms with the goal of transforming data into valuable services, is happy to announce its new Gold sponsorship with hackBIZ for the chatBOTday TOUR.

The event is taking place in three of the major and most innovative Italian cities with the final goal offering a real experience the participants for learning what Chatbots are, which platforms can support them, and how to use Artificial Intelligence frameworks in the right way.

The CEO Simone di Somma commented the partnership by saying: “INNAAS has the ambitious goal of becoming the Italian leader with regards to Artificial Intelligence. Indeed, we strongly believe that our platform SmartBots is the best and ideal channel to enable enterprises to experiment the benefits of AI in a fast and satisfactory way” — “This is the reason that boosted our company to sponsor the fabulous project of Chatbots Italian evangelization organized by hackBIZ”.

Following the CEO, Alessandro Allegri, INNAAS Business Developer emphasized the fact that Chatbots are revolutionizing the way in which enterprises approach clients: “Corporations have to be aware that by 2020 around 85% of the communications between firms and customers will be held without human interaction. Furthermore, the phenomenon is happening right now and only who adopts the Chatbots within 2018 will get real benefits and competitive advantages against the competitors. Indeed, as it happened with apps, soon the market will be overcrowded and it will be always harder to stand out from the crowd. Finally, I want to remind to corporations that our SmartBots platform is one of the strongest solutions to improve the customers’ experience in various fields such as Customer Service, Marketing, and Product Discovery”.

During the event, INNAAS will present its history case “Sky Chatbot” with the objective of showing to the audience how Chatbots have not to be considered a future technology, but are already well functioning today. Enterprises of each sector should start to create value with Chatbots.

Overall, INNAAS strongly advises people interested in the topic of Chatbots to attend the events in Rome, Milan, and Turin and specifically to come visiting us in order to receive deeper information.