Innaas rebranding — towards the vision

Our vision is to let people to consume data in the SIMPLEST WAY possible.

When we founded INNAAS, in 2014, the SIMPLEST WAY possible was summarizing complex datasets in one number: eg. 60/100.

Knowing that a Soccer player made 1.064 ball touches, 98 shots and 7.667 meters during a competition is interesting but not valuable.

Instead, stating that the overall performance of a player is 69/100 is a tremendously valuable information.

It is valuable because this insight has many qualities: it is simple, intelligible, shareable and useful.

During the FIFA WorldCup Brazil 2014 we launched a demo service aimed to showcase the effectiveness of the approach.

First public showcase of INNAAS technology

No usual and boring sport stats were displayed, we plotted only the simple and valuable information depicting complex phenomena of the sport performance of teams and players.

From the 2014 — in order to push towards the vision of a SIMPLER AND SIMPLER WAY of consuming data, we progressively introduced the Natural Language Generation (2015) and the Natural Language Processing (2016) capabilities.

Moreover, in the 2017, to make interaction completely effortless, we have introduced the proactive approach: the capability of providing the answers in advance predicting user’s interest.

With all the innovation we brought to the market we realized the need of a compact brand able to communicate the value and the unique combination of our technology:


Innaas branding — Before and After

Launching the rebranding during the new FIFA WorldCup Russia2018 brings a special feeling.

Preparation artwork by Domenico Di Donna

My thanks go to the fantastic team that makes this possible every day with their efforts, their determination, their competence and the humility of those who always want to learn.

🇦🇹 Wien, June 15th 2018