TIM Stadium - Inter FC vs Milan AC

13 September 2015, 8:45 PM, we will have a unique pre-view of the new version of the digital soccer stadium in Serie A, with the game of the games, Inter FC vs. AC Milan.

Sync your clock: Milano, Meazza Stadium. September 13th 2015 20:45

The digital era brings unexpected marketing opportunities for brands, teams and marketers. In order to allow access to this massive market, INNAAS created for TIM, Italian Biggest Telco TIM Stadium powered by INNAAS Sport Digital Platform.

Our virtual soccer stadium is a completely interactive and digital platform that will revolutionize the digital opportunities of marketing in soccer. We extend the emotional experience of the stadium making it available to fans outside the actual soccer stadium.

This gives rise to completely new ways of digital and real-time marketing, to achieve the maximum value of ad-hoc marketing campaigns, plus an additional digital channel to reach fans and bind them even stronger to their clubs.

The platform acquires real-time soccer from specialized data providers, fans interactions over popular social networks, editorial contents, media and historical stats to generate real-time fans relevant content delivered across 3 channels: brands social feeds, web and real stadium.

The real-time generated content features real-time player performance scores, advanced visual analytics, infographics and videos. The web content has been elegantly designed to be consumed across mobile, tablet and traditional desktop in a seamless way.

This establishes a communication circle that connects fans in the stadium with fans outside on any device to create the perfect interactive community.

The activity is sponsored by Italian mobile operator TIM, main sponsor of Lega Serie A, with the collaboration of Inter FC and Twitter. The full service is managed and orchestrated by INNAAS.

We wish you all an amazing game and an impressive evening.

Empower your brand with emotionally driven digital soccer entertainment created by the INNAAS Sport Analytics Platform.