The Universe and You

Excerpt from Inner Awakening…Ascending to Higher Dimensions Vol. 3 -

“To soar to the higher realms, all that is needed is a downward plunge. The upward journey starts by nose-diving into the deeper layers of subconscious.”

In order to understand the third dimensional reality that you are in, and the higher dimensions that you seek to ascend to, you have to understand the universe first, the way it works, its energy and its expansion in relation to your own. What is this third dimensional reality after all? How is it different from the higher dimensions? Why are you instinctively striving to get there? Why do you feel so drawn towards the dimensions that you don’t have access to? Is it simple inquisitiveness, or a call of the soul that you cannot avoid paying attention to? Why do you relate mystical powers to the higher dimensions? Why do only some people have access to the higher realms? Are most people denied this gift, or are they simply not able to tap into these higher frequencies?

Let’s start with what you all know. The first difference between the third dimensional realm and the higher ones is the concept of space and time that exists in the former. Time appears to be linear here, which is why you can divide timeline into past, present and future. It helps you gain a better understanding of your life events and their occurrence at a certain time on this linear time scale. At best it can be seen as a tool for managing life in an orderly and less confusing fashion. Nothing more nothing less. Although it’s a great tool for survival, yet you cannot ignore the down side of it. The way the human brain interprets time and space, puts you at a great disadvantage when it comes to evolving spiritually. It makes the timeline appear to be linear because of which you find it hard to believe that everything is happening in the present moment. For the brain, it’s simply impossible to conclude that the past, present and future are all happening at the same time. It cannot comprehend that there exists no separation between the events already happened, that are happening, and those that will happen. These events, in fact, are not distanced by time and space. It’s all happening in a ball of energy in the present moment. The present moment is all that is.

If the present moment is all that is, then why are you not able to see it in a way you are supposed to? Why do you see your events in a linear time scale fashion? Simply because you rely on the interpretation relayed to you by your brain when it comes to understanding the matters relating to your existence. So to say, your understanding of this universe is purely intellectual rather than experiential. Your brain is wired to decode the binary input received from your five senses. Needless to say, it does a great job in helping you survive on this planet but, when confronted with anything that doesn’t fit in the parameters of its neuro-sensory perception, it goes in a denial mode, and creates doubts in your mind. This is why when you witness something from the ‘beyond’, you feel as if you are losing your mind. The brain simply doesn’t have any explanation for the occurrences that emanate from ‘beyond’.

In a way, your brain becomes an obstacle for you. It makes it hard for you to believe that you might be opening up to higher frequencies. Brain functioning is limited to third dimensional reality. It, sort of, goes blank when it, even accidentally, comes in contact with higher dimensional frequency. That’s perhaps why you’re always told to strive to reach the thoughtless state of mind during meditation. It’s that innermost zone of the energy body where the brain doesn’t have access. When your awareness reaches that innermost core, the non-stop noise resulting from coding, decoding, interpreting and information-processing mechanism of the brain seems to come to a halt. In a way, a distance is created between the mind and the soul body. Everything suddenly becomes peaceful, and right then, in that non-chaotic state, you get the glimpses of the higher realms. It could come in the form of messages, signs, visuals, sounds, physical sensations and emotional responses and feelings. Interestingly, you have to plunge deep within, to soar to the higher realms. The upward journey starts by taking a nosedive into the deeper layers of the subconscious.