Office Perks

They aren’t just for tech giants anymore

For those of you that aren’t aware, tech companies have become known for providing some of the most amazing employee and office benefits around. Google and Facebook have led the way, but there are some really great startups leading the industry as well.

Inner Geek was founded on the idea that having amazing people, and taking care of those people, will lead to superior ideas and creations. With that, we’ve always tried to provide as much as possible to our employees; to make their work lives (and personal lives) better.

And we’re not finished.

Things we’ve done since the beginning

  1. Unlimited paid vacation.
  2. Great health coverage.
  3. Flexible work schedules.
  4. Paid conference opportunities.
  5. Yoga and Goodlife memberships.
  6. Daily catered lunches.

Things we’re currently adopting

  1. Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fully stocked kitchen, all the time.
  2. Week long hackathons, twice a year.
  3. Office massage therapy. Stress is bad.

Moving forward

What else could Inner Geek be doing to stay ahead of the curve? How can we continue to stay competitive with the growing tech scene and keep the very best employees?

Nobody knows and that’s what’s beautiful about our industry. Companies are constantly finding new ways of retaining the best talent and building the best corporate culture.

What I can do is promise to keep my eyes and mind open to new ideas. I look forward to seeing what the best employers bring to life in their offices, and I look forward to being one of those leaders.