ASD management challenge in times of digital maturity

Josep Monguet Fierro
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December 2021

An innex LAB was carried out between 2018 and 2020 in Parc Taulí. The team of mental health experts has generated a prototype “no-code” to test the functional design of TEAm, a digital platform for managing people with autism. All the professionals who interact with with ASD person, and their families, shared an information & communication system that allows them to coordinate comprehensive interventions.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a heterogeneous neurodevelopmental condition that accompanies a person throughout life and has a frequency of 1–2% of the population. ASD can range from mild impairment in some areas of development to degrees of severity that completely affect communication. Services for people with autism and their families generally present important deficiencies, especially regarding interprofessional coordination and communication and the participation in the decision-making of the patient and his family.

Multidisciplinary dimension of the approach to ASD

ASD requires a multidisciplinary approach and the professionals who intervene must do so in a coordinated manner following a Person-Centred Care model, where the person with ASD and his/her family nucleus are placed at the center of the intervention and participate in it. However, care from the fields of health, education, social work, and community resources works in a poorly coordinated way and without the active participation of people with ASD and their families. Difficulties in defining common therapeutic objectives and that these can be monitored and adjusted according to their evolution leads to inefficient and confusing interventions.

TEAm Platform

The initiative to create a digital platform arises from the working group of mental health professionals of the Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí, made up of child and adult psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses, and social workers and, of course, with the collaboration of people with ASD and their families. The main objective is to promote a change in the model of care based on the application of digital resources that favor communication between the different actors involved in the process of caring for people with ASD and their families. With the new tools, it should also be possible to:

  • improve the efficiency of interventions by avoiding duplication,
  • improve access to relevant information,
  • encourage participation in the work plan by all those involved, and
  • promote consensus on therapeutic objectives by evaluating and updating the results obtained.

The first pilot was carried out using the Slack tool, which allowed structuring communication between patients with ASD and their families and the professionals who care for them. Six families, users of the mental health service, participated for four weeks. As a conclusion to the design tasks and the testing of the prototype, the functional model TEAm for the management of the integral intervention in TEA was completely defined.



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