Autumn Vacancies Digest 👀

Oct 3, 2018 · 4 min read

Our folks — Valerii and Pavlo went to Norway and soon would come back with the new secret project. Morten and Nils are already back from US Media Conference, and we want to start introducing our products there as soon as possible. For these initiatives, we will need your help — that’s why it’s the right time to tell about whom we are looking for: Ruby on Rails Engineer & DevOps (+perks & what we can give you — at the very end of the article).

але бінокль ми відкрили

1. Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

It’s been a long time since we searched for a Ruby Master last time, maybe a year ago (!). But we have a new project starting soon (more details when Valerii & Pavlo are back), that’s why we need someone with solid knowledge of Ruby, who feels comfortable making decisions and implementing them.


Would be cool to meet a proactive Ruby (and Rails) Developer, who has a feel for a neat and maintainable code. But at the same time feels passionate about products you’ll build and people you’ll work with. So that’s a responsible role, but with a lot of freedom:)


If you feel like starting a new thing with us — please, write our Ira (ira ( at) and let’s have a coffee/tea at our office). You can just come for a chat to tell us what you are looking for (in terms of project, people, salary, working hrs etc.) — feel free to specify that in the cover letter!

2. DevOps Engineer

Our current DevOps, Oleksii will be moving to Munich soon, and we are looking for someone, who’ll continue his initiatives : using container orchestration technologies like Kubernetes, flexible CI/CD system, automation, adoption of cloud provider services.

Of course, we are flexible and together we can decide what your responsibilities, depending on your knowledge and preferences. Though, we’d rather you know some of this stuff:


And a wide range of pluses for this role:

You will work in a team of 2 experienced DevOps (Yura and Valentyn), who support all our projects for Norwegian market. Yeah, we didn’t mention any perks — please, scroll down, we have a huge section for these! Or simple send your CV to our Ira — ira ( at) >>>


When mentioning perks, we want to emphasize on our flexibility:

  • You can work remotely when needed (Yura worked for a month from Germany for e.g., Dima, iOS Dev is traveling around Georgia etc.);
  • You can have flexible working hours or work directly from home when you don’t feel like going out; enough days off and vacation time (you can switch everything off and go for a 3 week traveling like Volodya did :) ).
  • Another thing we want to stress out — here you can influence the future of the projects, the future of the company and your own. And you don’t have to wait half a year for a review day to tell about your ideas/thoughts — every month our CTO Valerii runs informal one-on-one 15 min talks with everyone, so everyone can address their concerns etc.

Do you feel like these perks & values are what you need? That would be wonderful! Don’t hesitate and write to our Ira to set up a meeting on one of these vacancies — ira (at )

We want to keep friendly atmosphere!

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