Innocode is 6th years old! Happy Birthday!

Dear Innocode’s Friend, thanks you for approaching us!

Photo of us at the office in Lviv

Now you see that we’ve turned 6 years old and now are grown enough to make a cosmic ride to our new year. We definitely know that in this ride we’d like to continue developing our own products for Norwegian market— Grasrot, Kalender, Nyhetsapp and Nyhetsaggregator, which together form our SuperLocal conception for a better Media and, of course, take care of projects for our perfect partners!

Our Birthday was a rush day full of challenges, where we learned how to better control own thoughts, decrypt morse code, make energy from riding a bicycle — get out of the comfort zone and be stronger as a team. As a cosmic team!

Take a look at our cosmic photo gallery:!

The same day in the evening — during the #cosmic party!

Thanks everyone for making this day possible and keeping the flag flying!

Originally published at on April 10, 2016.