Innocode Vegetable Month

One month ago our lives have changed a bit…The reason is simple and green (mostly). We decided to switch our vector and go straight to the health and vegetables. So, there were no cookies in our office during this period. Since one February month we had been living on nuts, vegetables, and dried fruit: raisins, bananas, pineapples, and other tasty stuff. And we managed to do it right!

It is all about carrots

The very first thing we thought about was carrot. It is tasty, sweet, and easy to eat and snack. So, we decided to buy 5 kilos at one time and make sort of production for the future. The plan seemed to be perfect:

Step #1: Cut the carrots into beautiful pieces.
Step #2: Freeze them.
Step #3: Take and unfreeze them as soon as we need a new portion.

It was the mistake, because after we had unfrozen them, the vegetables seemed to be filled with water and much less tasty than the fresh ones. And looked like these:

There was a fundamental shift in Innocode vegetable policy toward fresh carrots every morning.

We thought about marketing as well and changed the design of the pieces.

And cut it into french fries potatoes…

…and it worked!

This is how we doing:

Freshness does matter

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you the idea of the taste difference between these two bowls (but we hope that the science will jump ahead soon). Right now you are free to compare the way the yesterday and today sliced pieces of carrots look like:

The carrot is not enough

Well, the world of tasty and healthy things is not confined to orange root vegetable that starts with “C”. We kept our heart open and discovered the great scope of different roots this February.

Here you can see some of them:

  • Topinambour
  • Daikon
  • Watermelon radish
Earth apple or the topinambour
Winter radish called daikon and omnipresent carrot
Scarlet red flesh of Misato Rose

Vegetables: the magic of influence

The difference between these 2 photos is one month. Can you imagine? It was a long way, but we managed to finish it and gain the best results ever:

It’s a joke folks. Our CTO Valerii Shypunov there are some years between these pics, as well as carrots. :)

Well, what should we say as the conclusion… It was a great month and starting from March we are going to initiate a new round of totally new approach to the food in the office. Will is be something extremely exotic or totally surprisingly down-to-earth?

Who knows, who knows… And what would you like to try?

P.S. By the way, this fresh February was impossible without the inspiring article written by @Daria Prokopyk: