Innocoder Happy Birthday celebration flow in Lviv office

Do you know that feeling, when your birthday is coming and the only things you can think about are how to prepare a party, bake a cake and not to forget to bring some treats to the office? Stressful, right? We, Innocoders, don’t have these issues and want to share our experience of a real happy birthday with no worries for everyone.

Before 2018 the celebration of the BDays were a bit stressful: the birthday person prepared some snacks (pizza was the common option) and cake; office manager thought about present and gathered the money fund for it before every event. And then bought some present. It was quite long process for the company with above 30 people. So, at the end of 2017 we made a quiz and asked our colleagues about the best way to organize that day.

The way we celebrated birthday of pur QA Kateryna

What we decided for 2018

We created the BDay Celebration Fund which is automatically replenished every month from the salary of every innocat who works in Lviv.

We decided to “knock the mountain” out of a birthday person’s shoulders and let back office organize the treats, present, flowers, and some entertainment. So, before every birthday our back office elf take needed sum of money from the BDay Celebration Fund and prepare everything. The birthday person just need to come and have fun.

As well as everybody else. :)

As we have decided earlier ⅓ from BDay Celebration Fund dedicated to one person went to the Birthday gift and ⅔ went to the celebration itself (treats, flowers, decorations if needed). It is awesome that we had already so many episodes from BDay celebrations in 2018. There were Birthday BBQs and picnics, several quizzes, one small concert with contrabass and singing (check short video above), and totally awesome time together:

The way we celebrated Birthdays of Nadiya Karachevska, Oksana, Kate (yeap, the middle photo is from double BDay), Olya.

In 2018 all birthday presents were dedicated to the topic of tourism. We all like to climb some mountain from time to time or go to Europe or elsewhere, so nice microfiber towel or a waterproof ziplock bag for documents/phone is always a nice idea for the present:

Photos from our trip to Carpathian mountains for Iryna, super-air-chair for Yura, cupcakes and passport holder and travel document organizer for Alla.

No need to fake a pleasure from a gift

We’d like to avoid this situation in Innocode, when you got the present that you don’t need or like. So, at the beginning of 2019 year we made a quiz to find out which topic we are going to choose this time.

The results were the next**:

  • Let’s continue the tourism topic — 6 people
  • Physical vs. electronic book — 10 people
  • Bodo Certificate — 12 people
  • I’d like to make donation to charity— 13 people
  • Let’s buy some trees and plant them together — 15 people
  • I want to get a present without topic — 12 people
  • Beauty and Health — 3 people
  • Table games, card, and sport games — 11 people
  • Something strange from Aliexpress — 7 people
  • Any gift will make me happy — 7 people
  • Something tasty — 1 sweet tooth person :)

The majority voted for the tree. But it doesn’t mean we are going to give such present to everyone. Some our colleagues preferred other options and it is totally okay.

Now the flow is the next: in case the Innocoder voted for charity or tree we are going to present him/her a tree or we’ll save the money for more expensive hardwood trees and buy them later. And we clearly understand that we need the assistance of professional and asked experienced volunteer Alexander Shutyuck to help us to plant trees right.

In case there were no trees or charity among the options of the birthday person we are going to take it in account and give the Innocoder the thing he/she voted for. It is great to know the wishes of our colleagues and to find them something personal and special this year!

Dream team for planting trees! :)

Looking forward to plant the trees together and have more Birthday parties at Innocode. :) In case you need some details about our flow or you have other questions — we’ll be glad to answer them. :)

**31 person participated in this quiz