Kudos in an office. Much ado about what?

Al Zhdan
Al Zhdan
Oct 12, 2018 · 3 min read

In case you’d like to Google everything, I’ll try to spoil it a bit and immediately give you a short notion. So, Kudos is a praise and honor received for an achievement. People sometimes use this word as the synonym to compliment or congratulation. We at Innocode encourage our dearest and nearest (colleagues, I mean) to give each other some kudos.

The kudos as it is

Innocode kudos Kung Fu

Well, to tell the truth, our Kung Fu is pretty easy. To initiate the Kudos within Innocode team you need to press one blue button. It is placed in a weekly newsletter (on that next time). So, every letter is finished by this Kudos button:

Tip: you can initiate Kudos in your company using the other means: from social media to old-school suggestion box with the aim not to gather suggestions, but gather the notes like “Ira deserves some kudos because she is always frank and sincere with you”.

I have pushed the button, what’s next?

As you might notice, there is a possibility for our colleagues to make sort of anonymous claim for someone to get the compliment. What does it mean at Innocode? There is a team of three extra beautiful and modest elves, who can handle it. This team searches for the best kudos ever and…

…We wrap the kudos and add the printed note with the text of the compliment. Yeah, our colleagues usually add some explanation, why do someone in the office deserves the present and compliment. All compliments arrive at the tables of our Innocode teammates magically when they are out of work. Or out at lunch. Or are at important meetings…

The smuggling kudos

What does it mean? The person that wants to give the present usually does the next moves:

  • reads newsletter
  • founds kudos button
  • hits it
  • leaves note
  • makes elves do some kudos work
  • makes someone a bit happier.

And the smuggling kudos is about doing compliment personally: find the reason for congratulation, skip elves, and do everything on your own.

Last week I got smuggling kudos and it inspired me to write this article. As well as make the Ukrainian curd pancakes applying it. It was easy, because I got a huge bar of chocolate with 70% of cocoa. It was my the very first experience in such stuffing, but the result was pleasant and tasty.

This way I applied my kudos — an extremely tasty chocolate bar! I stuffed Ukrainian curd pancakes with chocolate. :)

So, it is always great to compliment each other, as well as to find the inspiration in kudos.

And do you have sort of kudos system at your office? Please share the examples of compliments and your best kudos stories!

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