WordPress team: new vacancies (Backend)

We have 2 new job offers for outstanding Front-End and Backend Devs to join our WordPress team in Kyiv.

WP Backend Engineer

Join our 8-person WP team: Artem, Victor, Max, Kostya, Mike, Nick, Vitalik and Vladilen, and work directly with our Norwegian PMs Charly, Jon and Lars to create the best web experience for large Norwegian brands like: Lederne, DNB Group, Skeidar, Qicraft, United.no and many more.

Our WP team part 2:)

To do what we do :), we need you to already know some professional stuff like:

We understand that every person has his own motivation in work, so we will be happy to find out your motivation directly, and be with you as long as it’s possible. => we care about our folks and their professional/personal growth and try to be one big family as much as we can!

Folks you’ll be creating cool stuff with! (during our Budapest trip)

Basically, that’s it… but…we guess you are thinking now:

“Folks, well, why would I want to work with you? I don’t know you.” 🤔

Getting to know each other is not an easy process, but you can do that even before meeting us in real time:

Pics from 8 years Birthday Party last week

Contact us!

If these sounds like you, we would love to answer your questions, just drop a note to our COO Ira Nahorna — ira( at) innocode.no and come for a test day! You can read more about what is a test day here —http://bit.ly/2CB3OyZ.

Also, if you are interested in other vacancies we offer, check the whole list here https://medium.com/innocode-stories/tagged/jobs .

See you soon!