The Alchemy Of Every Business — Design Thinking

What is design thinking? Is it a set of rules or simple guidelines? How can you efficiently use it for building a successful business?

One buzzword that can never be separated from the business economy is CREATIVITY. Yes, every new business product or solution is built around it. Any new business can survive in the business market only if they provide unique software products or solutions, which of course can only be achieved through creativity.

Your business product must always be user-oriented, provide something new to the business market, and be unique in its own way to sustain. This is where DESIGN THINKING has a major part to play.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is actually a more practical approach towards handling any problems in making a product and improves the overall product development process.

Design thinking process makes use of real-time logic, creativity, intuition, and practical reasoning to explore various business possibilities relevant to the user requirement and come up with desired solutions for the end users. It’s like stepping outside the traditional box or your comfort zone, and finding creative, new solutions to various issues.

Design Thinking rocks!! But, where do i start?

Well… here are the various stages of design thinking…

1.Empathize with the users

The first step in design thinking process is to understand the customers. It involved understanding the elements that make up your targeted users, thinking on their perspective, getting under their skin and finding what they really want from your product or how useful is it going to be.

Customers are the kings!

This will help you gain a deeper understanding about your users, their experience, motivations factors, political/personal views, and more. This finding will help you build a product that doesn’t affect your users’ values in any ways.

2. Define the problem

The define stage is all about organizing the information you gathered for defining the problem under consideration. Develop as many problem statements as you can with detailed description about every problem.

If possible try and condense your problem statement into a small rule book that could act as a guiding principle for building your product. This will help you anticipate any problems that may arise in the future proceedings.

3. Start finding solutions


During this stage of design thinking process you start generating ideas that can address the documented problems.You can brainstorm internally with your team and come up with as many ideas as possible for every definite problem that you classified.

Ideation is the most effective step in design thinking as it can inspire free thinking and encourage your team to come up with creative ideas. This step will give you a better understanding about your product from a user’s perspective.

4. Rapid prototyping

Your design team can come up with numerous, inexpensive, designs for your product or scaled down version of the original software, so that you get to experiment with every problem and its respective solution.


The test model of your product can be subjected to various relevant experimentation by your team and this experimentation phase will help you find better solutions.

This rapid prototyping will help you realize the design concepts in a more practical way. It will greatly minimize the design flaws and help you come up with a more practically improved prototype for your product.

5. Validate your ideas

Start testing the prototypes under real-time user environment. This testing phase will tell you about how the users understand your software product, their preferred and detestable features in your product, how they feel and behave towards your product, and more.

You can use the customer feedback to continuously improve or refine your prototype for a better user-experience.

Test, Test, and test!

Did you understand what this was all about?


Now you've mastered the art of design thinking.

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