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innogy Innovation Hub, Catapult UK and Wayra UK combine forces for innovation

Carolina Soto
Nov 5, 2018 · 5 min read

We are proud to announce our latest partnership — with Wayra UK and the Catapult Network — to support start-up growth. With this partnership we want to help start-ups and scale-ups, focused on areas such as energy, transportation, and future cities, accelerate along the road to success.

This is not your conventional acceleration programme. We are combining top-notch expertise from the world’s best performing corporate accelerator, with direct connections to ease your landing and growth in the UK, and a network of experts and investors willing to support innovation.

Which areas are we accelerating?

The programme is focused on the UK market on three main areas:

  • Energy Systems: Aims to address new commercial opportunities created by the transformation of global energy systems (electricity, heat and combustible gases).
  • Transport Systems: Aims to use emerging technologies and innovative solutions to create a world where journeys are seamless, transport is smart and connected and delays and congestion are a thing of the past.
  • Future Cities: Aims to solve the problems cities face both now and in the future to improve quality of life, strengthen economies and protect the environment. It helps innovators turn ingenious ideas into working prototypes that can be tested in real settings.

Who can participate?

The ScaleUp programme focuses on start-ups and scale-up companies looking to enter or grow their business in the UK and beyond. The first cohort includes the following innogy Innovation Hub companies:

Placense’s data analytics solution, “vectorsense”, provides real-time information on metrics such as customer visits, visit durations, frequency, customer journey paths, and gender and other related demographic characteristics.

Share&Charge is a decentralised protocol for electric vehicle charging, transactions, and data sharing, enabling companies to offer a seamless, smart, and secure charging experience.

Shine creates the future of people powering people. shine’s innovative software enables customers to actively take part in the undeniable journey towards de-central energy production and consumption.

Calipsa offers a cloud-based platform based on Deep Learning technology that offers a 50% reduction in false alarms for Monitoring Stations. It works with existing cameras and requires no capital expenditure for the monitoring station.

BeeRides has set up an efficient and user-friendly car-sharing platform, and earns most of its revenue by charging a commission on the rental transactions on its platform.

Libryo is an online compliance tool that enables users at any organisation to understand the regulations that are relevant to them, as well as applicable legal obligations they face in any situation.

It also includes the following companies from Wayra UK:

Citygo: Getting home quickly is no longer a luxury.

DoDo: DoDo offers a same day logistics service which simplifies the life of both customers and companies by providing a marketplace for new business opportunities.

Enerbrain: Enerbrain makes dumb buildings smart. Improve the financial productivity and comfort of your buildings without modifying any of your existing systems.

EVezy: All-inclusive EV subscriptions on a rolling monthly contract.

Humanising Autonomy: Humanising Autonomy improves safety and efficiency of autonomous mobility systems through better understanding of human behaviour across cities. By-the-minute insurance for rideshare drivers.

Indoorway: Indoorway brings transparency and operational savings to buildings owners through precise movement analytics and powerful API.

Omniflow: Smart energy platform powered by wind and solar with integrated energy storage for IoT applications.

About Wayra

It’s the venture arm of Telefonica mandated to scale start-ups. In the UK alone, their portfolio is worth over $800m and their portfolio companies have over 100 trials/ contracts with the parent company, Telefonica.

Within the ScaleUP program they can offer startups coaching, mentors & guidance, investor network, masterclasses and 1:1s, potential Wayra investment, office space and Telefonica business development.

“At Wayra, we scale start-ups. Partnering with innogy Innovation Hub is, therefore, a great fit for us, because this programme is focused on helping more mature start-ups to scale via Telefónica and innogy. I can’t wait to begin.”
— Gary Stewart, Director of Telefónica Open Future and Wayra UK.

About Transport Systems Catapult

The Transport Systems Catapult is the UK’s technology and innovation centre for Intelligent Mobility, harnessing emerging technologies to improve the movement of people and goods around the world. Overseen by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, its role is to support business growth, increase the UK’s share of the global Intelligent Mobility market, and attract investment — creating jobs and generating long-term economic growth.

It helps sell UK capability on the global stage, while also promoting the UK as a superb test bed for the transportation industry. With a clear emphasis on collaboration, it brings together diverse organisations across different modes of transport, breaking down barriers and providing a unique platform for meeting the world’s most pressing transport challenges.

“We are very proud to create this exciting opportunity for the UK. innogy’s involvement with the project shows significant international confidence in the future of the UK’s innovative technology sector from a company with a strong track record of developing cutting edge solutions. The programme builds on our previous success with the Intelligent Mobility Accelerator in Milton Keynes and will feature a set of transport related solutions alongside more wide-reaching innovations, to provide the best possible environment for growing businesses.” — Alex Weedon, TS Catapult SME Director.

About innogy Innovation Hub

innogy Innovation Hub believes that new technologies, business models and consumption patterns will redefine the energy market of the future. They believe this future will be driven by four core global trends; decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitisation and democratisation. innogy Innovation Hub’s mission is to drive this vision for the future of energy by being a sector disruptor: by identifying the game-changing technologies, ideas, individuals and businesses that will help build that future, wherever they are, providing funding, mentoring and a platform for co-creation, collaboration and convergence.

The innogy Innovation Hub has created a €150m portfolio through investing in disruptive individuals, start-ups and early stage businesses and provided opportunities for 80+ start-up and scale-up companies to collaborate. It has innovation teams in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin.

Carolina Soto

Written by

Innovation scout & Portfolio Manager @ innogy Innovation Hub

innogy Innovation Hub

The innogy Innovation Hub drives game-changing ideas that can revolutionise an existing business model or industry permanently. We are actively looking to invest in start-ups that have already demonstrated their value in the market and have the potential for exponential growth.

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