MyTeksi didn’t wait to expand into international markets after KL & Johor state in Malaysia

The statement above was mentioned yesterday by Silmyi of Brand Geeks Inc. during InnoHub Branding Awareness talk by Brand Geeks. Now MyTeksi is known as Grab. Silmyi was also quoting of Jimmy Choo syndrome when a Malaysian company starts from outside of Malaysia first to be well known before coming back to Malaysia. That by itself blew some light bulbs among InnoHub CEOs and Researchers who attended the 3 hours presentation.

It was a major step forward for many UPM startups on the concept of branding and inculcating their own brand DNA within their own organisation. So that talk was timely. Especially when they have to consider what is their organization culture after they have captured their own business model through InnoHub program. Thanks to Manisah & Silmyi of Brand Geeks Inc.