“InnoPower@JC: Fellowship for teachers” Overseas Trip, Netherlands Day 2

A poem dedicated to “Hannstra School”

A small school can be big,
An old school can be new,
When you change the setting of the classroom,
all can help students to be engaged.

Empathy is the need of every kid.
I am here in the classroom and 
you can go out there in the corner 
to clear up your active mind.

Voice level charts, 
yes or no tables and 
the word cards 
guide kids to self-engage in class 
in a proper way.

An innovation can be started
from bottom to top.
But the top should also be open-minded
to make this change 
so, they all have some things to gain.

Fun and enjoyable traditional teaching goals 
are preserved for young lovely kids, 
let them grow in a fruitful bit.

Integrate knowledge and skills 
can get kids learning with fun 
and all were placed in lovely themes.

Learning under teachers' care can bring the kids up,
To be a Dutch student should have lots of fun.