We have landed.

Teacher Fellows and their buddies will soon begin week 5 of their 10-week learning journey here in Amsterdam. And I will begin my week one. I hope I will be able to catch up with their progress. I will be a good student and will be taking a lot of notes. These two weeks of overseas learning will probably be one of the defining moments of their entire Fellowship experience. How exciting.

Day zero is the day to transition from Hong Kong and Amsterdam, from one life to another. It is a Sunday and I would take it easy. I have long hoped to explore a foreign city on a bicycle, and there is no better time to finally do it than today. Leisurely going along the canals, climbing the arch bridges, even riding on the bone-shattering old brick pavements was good fun. Renting a bike for the whole day cost me 13 euros. That gave me both good exercise and good entertainment.

After 12 hours on the plane and a day on the bike, it is finally time to crash out. It’s now 8pm and is still very bright.

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