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InnoTrue — The only Salesforce consulting partner worldwide founded by a Woman Certified Technical Architect #CTA

I have finally had some time to reflect since founding InnoTrue. Most people do this at the end or beginning of the year. We were too busy this time around, with work and our lovely families.

Fun fact: InnoTrue is the ONLY Salesforce consulting partner worldwide founded and run by a Woman Certified Technical Architect.

After being the first woman to become a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) outside of the US several years ago during my time as a Salesforce employee and senior customer advisor, I guess it felt right to continue the series of trailblazing in the Salesforce eco-system, taking on significant roles in fantastic global companies as CIO Salesforce at Barclays and CTO Salesforce at Capgemini, and most recently founding InnoTrue, with the ambition to delivery real innovation and transformation to our customers. Visionary and also pragmatic, applied to real life businesses.

I am hopeful that my path will inspire other amazing ladies to dare and to act, to want to excel.

After less than 2 months of full speed operation with InnoTrue (which also included the Winter holidays!), we are growing really fast, as a business and as a team. I was hopeful it will be successful, I was not expecting it to be SO successful and so quickly. I take it as a great sign for all strong Salesforce professionals and as an amazing sign for all women Salesforce Trailblazers and entrepreneurs out there — it is possible, and the time is right for women in technology to blaze new trails and lead companies!

We would like to deeply thank our absolutely AMAZING customers. Hints for now and hopefully soon we will be able to disclose more information: one of them is the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history as of 2019 (yes, even faster than Salesforce, if that is even possible!), another one is the fastest growing enterprise software company ever to reach $10 billion (guess which that one is…) and another one is a 140 years old fantastic global consumer goods company (I can guarantee you, many of you love it and enjoy its products regularly when you are relaxing and enjoying your days and evenings with friends and family). More extremely exciting companies are about to become our customers very soon. We are proud that you have chosen to work with our team. We are committed to making you even more successful. We are humbled by your trust in us and we will live up to it.

We would also like to thank Salesforce for enabling all of us through amazing products and vision.

Also thank you to our non-profit partners, the amazing Supermums (I have personally lived through the serious struggles of returning to work after a 4 years break and of reinventing myself in a country to which I had to move because of my then newborn son without even speaking the language before) and Global Women in IT, two causes very close to our hearts, for which I am a proud Ambassador and Advisory Board Member.

I would personally also like to thank my partners and our super smart, fun and extremely dedicated team. You make everything happen. Also, there are so many people in the entire Salesforce eco-system and in my circle that I am grateful to — the list would be way too long to include here, and it is constantly growing.

We have more great news coming up, stay tuned!


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Published By Doina Popa

Doina is the Founder, Managing Director and CEO of InnoTrue| Digital strategy & innovation | Salesforce Certified Technical Architect | 17x Salesforce Certified | Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Master Coach

She is Former CIO @ Barclays * Former CTO @ Capgemini * Former Senior Strategic Advisor @ and holds an Executive MBA in “Innovation and Business Creation” and a MSc in “Computer Science”.

She is also an active diversity advocate, being the Lead of the “Women Driving Change” — a Women in Tech Salesforce Trailblazer Group.

Doina has been rewarded for her career in technology with:

> Nominated for “CTO of the Year” at “Women in IT Awards”, 2018
> Peak Performer FY16: Top EMEA Advisory Services
> Woman of the Month, November 2015

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Join us to learn and discuss how to innovate and to implement effective and transformative digital strategies! And also to learn how to build great solutions that help your business grow. Plus women and diversity thought leadership.

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Doina Popa

Doina Popa

Global VP, Sales Tech @UiPath * CEO @InnoTrue | Digital strategy. Innovation. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)

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