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David Chislett, Unleash Your Inherent Creativity — InnovaBuzz 377

David Chislett, Creative at Large

  • How to be always consciously present and observing without judgement
  • Creativity being a capacity, not a talent! Exercising the capacity is what’s important
  • His Bend — Blend — Break mantra of creativity

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Show Notes from this episode with David Chislett, Creative at Large

  • Creativity is an inherent human capacity.
  • Creativity is a process of joining the dots.
  • Bend — Blend — Break Process of Creativity
  • Bend — where you take an existing idea and bend it to a new use.
  • Blend — where you take 2 concepts and combine them to get something different out of it.
  • Break — where you disassemble a more complex idea and use parts of it in a different way.
  • It is not about whether you are creative or not. It’s about how creative you are.
  • One form of creativity is looking at something that’s really working well in a different context and transplanting it to yours.
  • Rebel, Reject, Create!
  • Rebel — in order to find new things, you have to let go of the old things. You need to rebel against the rules and against old wisdom.
  • Reject — liberate yourself from your own judgement, preconceptions, and biases. What keeps you on the tracks of doing the same stuff is not just what is around you, but also what is within you.
  • Create — once you are able to rebel and reject, you can then step into a space that is ambiguous and complex, where there are no predefined and predetermined outcomes. In this space, is where you truly create.
  • You have to practice uncertainty to get used to creativity.
  • Develop a longer-term perspective. It is when you understand the greater geopolitical environment that you can start to have a little empathy for what is going on.
  • Speak to a human being who disagrees with you. Instead of trying to persuade them of how right you are, get them to try to persuade you of how right they are. Listen very carefully to what they are saying. Check everything and think again.
  • You need to have more dots so you can make new connections and change the story. If you insist that you have more dots, your opinion is therefore inviable. It’s irrational.
  • You are a sovereign being. You are responsible for yourself, your actions, your thoughts, and you are well-acquainted with the notion of who you are.
  • You have to question everything. If you don’t, then, you are just taking everything as a given.
  • We make up our own reality to experience it.
  • You don’t have to leave the old person behind. It is not that you are not that person anymore. It’s adding to that person in order for you to become more.
  • Our ability to see patterns is undoubtedly what has moved human civilization forward.
  • In order to see the bigger picture and in order to see what else is included in the pattern, you need to become more consciously present and observe really well what is going on.
  • The key factor in all creative thinking is suspending judgement. It is not just good enough to watch. You also have to watch without bias.
  • You need to follow your train of thought to its actual destination and not just jump off at the station that you want. The pattern extends beyond your comfort zone. You have to be on board for the whole ride. You’ve got to buy a one-way ticket to the destination because it is only then that you will be able to see what lies outside of your comfort zone and outside of your pattern.
  • The magic happens outside of your comfort zone. You get uncomfortable because you are growing.
  • Create a safe space for stepping into the unknown. One of the easiest ways to make things safe for yourself is to get into the habit of doing it.
  • Make time for creativity. Hold that space and repeatedly go in there and do it.

The Buzz — Our Innovation Round

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative — Make time for innovation and hold the time for it.
  2. Best thing for new ideas — Reading. Acquiring as many dots as I possibly can. Acquiring dots is part of the lifestyle of a highly creative thinker. Nothing you have ever done or learned is wasted.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation — Going with the flow and extrapolating from one set of experience to another without worrying too much whether or not they are actually related.
  4. Keep project/client on track — Make sure that they are emotionally, politically, economically, and structurally invested in the co-creation.
  5. Differentiate — Be yourself. Be authentic.

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Cool Things About David

  • He holds a BA degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Witwatersrand.
  • He was born in Britain, raised in South Africa, and now lives in The Netherlands.
  • He’s been an entrepreneur for over 25 years.

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