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Farzad Rashidi, Earning Backlinks through Partnerships — InnovaBuzz 530

Farzad Rashidi, Respona

  • Building backlinks through partnerships and adding value
  • Using technology to personalize outreach and begin relationships
  • How to earn PR mentions in publications

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Show Notes from this episode with Farzad Rashidi, Respona

  • It’s important to have content on your website with the keywords that people are searching for. It also needs to be in front of the audience who needs your offer.
  • Organically building backlinks is important to improving that article’s ranking in the Search Engines.
  • What really moves the needle are natural links from relevant publications in your space.
  • The “human marketing” way to build backlinks, is to begin by building relationships with others, then partnering with them in a way that everyone wins.
  • Podcast outreach is one such strategy — in fact that’s how Farzad connected with me (and as a result, achieves the backlinks listed below in the Links section!
  • Reaching out to journalists who are looking for content in specific areas is another way to add value to an audience and earn backlinks.

The Buzz — Our Innovation Round

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative — Relax and unwind!
  2. Best thing for new ideas — Talking things through with my team.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation — Ahrefs Blog, Backlinko Newsletter, Visme Marketing e-Book.
  4. Keep project/client on track — Make your product or experience so intuitive that it’s easy to stay on track.
  5. Differentiate — Be authentic.


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Cool Things About Farzad

  • Farzad was the first marketing hire at Visme.
  • He is a recipient of a World Silver Medal, Issued by 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland in Apr 2015.
  • He holds a patent for The Compeer Police Intelligent System.

Listen to the Podcast




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