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Let’s Put Jürgen in the Hot Seat! — InnovaBuzz 501

Let’s Put Jürgen in the Hot Seat!

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Show Notes from this special anniversary episode

  • Innovating is not just about getting better at what you’re doing. It’s also the process of coming up with new ways to improve your current business model.
  • Innovation is all about asking the right questions.
  • Always begin with your customer’s story. What is it that they are going for?
  • What we are all selling is the journey that our customers are on.
  • Innovation is about listening to your audience.
  • Having a community is vital to success.
  • People buy training programs for the content but they stay because of the community.
  • People are always looking for connections and conversations. Talk to people online and have meaningful conversations with them rather than just putting in a quick tweet or like.
  • Conversations give you the opportunity to really listen to your customers and ask deeper questions.
  • Making marketing human again is all about caring and being authentic. It is having great conversations and serving your community.
  • Never underestimate yourself and your value. There is always an opportunity to learn something by doing it.
  • If you have an idea, put it out there as an experiment. Your hypothesis is the outcome that you think will happen. If it doesn’t work, then document the results like a science experiement and make a conclusion from that.
  • Experimentation takes the ego out of the equation. If it didn’t work, then think about what you can learn from it instead of thinking that nobody likes your idea or that you’re not good enough.
  • Fail forward and learn from your mistakes. These are all critical mindset concepts.
  • It’s important to have systems in place to support your mindset and beliefs.
  • Documenting everything that you do for your business is a huge time saver. It also helps avoid procrastination and builds your confidence.
  • Record your screen when you’re doing something and then give it to the people who will be doing that task on a regular basis. Let them follow the process but empower them to change it into best practice.
  • Keep updating the process as you go. It’s important to regularly audit of your business processes.
  • When doing an experiment, find something that gives enough evidence that it worked. Figure out how you can test it at a minimal cost and quickly get feedback that will guide you as to whether it’s worth investing more time and money to it moving forward.
  • There are over 600 million blogs on the internet but only 2 million active podcasts. The competition is much less compared to blogging.
  • If you have a message, you can build an audience. You can build a community. If you have value to add to that community, then podcasting is a really good way to do that.
  • Podcasting is easy, low-cost, and time-effective. All you need is a good external microphone and headphones.
  • Podcasting is also a very convenient medium for listeners. They can listen to it whenever they want and whatever they’re doing.
  • Podcasting is a very intimate medium. It’s a really great way to connect with your audience.
  • Just because you’re an introvert, doesn’t mean that you don’t value human connections. In fact, introverts highly value human connection.


Listen to the Podcast



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