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Mike Wittenstein, Understanding Your Customers’ Experience with Active Storytelling — InnovaBuzz 532

Mike Wittenstein, Storyminers

  • Telling engaging stories in a way that places the customer at the centre
  • Conscious capitalism, adaptive enterprise, regenerative agriculture and making decisions to benefit all
  • Customer experience journey mapping with sketches

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Show Notes from this episode with Mike Wittenstein, Storyminers

  • We can win together by pioneering together.
  • Active storytelling is about listening.
  • The quietest people (introverts) are often the most amazing.
  • Normalize your language by letting someone else shape parts of your story.
  • Storytelling is not just painting a better picture, it’s about creating a better opportunity.
  • The best stories are about other people, not about you. The best stories come from listening before you talk.
  • The best stories are experiential, that get people to make discoveries.
  • Good stories create solutions that work for everyone.
  • The best way to improve your customers’ experience is to really understand each customer journey. That can be done by shopping your own business — experience that journey yourself.
  • Stories bring empathy and understanding your customers’ journeys requires empathy.
  • Customer service is everyone’s responsibility, not just the customer service department’s.
  • The purpose of your business is to create value for your customers — in fact increase that value for your customers and for other constituencies.
  • Great experiences are the birthplace of word of mouth. Those experiences become stories.
  • A good designer is always designing for customers’ unmet needs.
  • Grow vicariously through sincere curiosity about other people. Ask questions of others, learn how they framed things. How did they make decisions? How did they get ahead? What did they do when things were difficult? How do they get along with other people? How do they make the big decision about which way to go?

The Buzz — Our Innovation Round

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative — Listen and observe before you start brainstorming. Look for different patterns. Quieten your mind to listen without judgment.
  2. Best thing for new ideas — Find younger people to work with. The older you get, the younger you go, the better the ideas. Foster a learning environment.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation — Sketching out stories and craft stories from visualizing the experience. “Paper prototyping” or “customer experience story mapping”.
  4. Keep project/client on track — Keep the reason for being front of mind; also, get a project manager.
  5. Differentiate — Being different is overrated! Know yourself, be yourself and embrace that. Be sincerely curious about other people.


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Cool Things About Mike

  • Mike was formerly eVisionary and Executive Consultant at IBM
  • Mike started one of the world’s first digital agencies (GALILEO)
  • Mike speaks 4 languages — English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian

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