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Patrick Lavergne, How to Master Your Sales Calls and Close More Deals — InnovaBuzz 493

Patrick Lavergne, SalesChamp Academy

  • Reframing our view of the “sales call” to a conversation that provides service and facilitates a purchase decision
  • Having the courage to give difficult messages to self first, and others
  • A fresh approach to sales that feels aligned, genuine and enjoyable

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Show Notes from this episode with Patrick Lavergne of SalesChamp Academy

  • When you price too low, it is either because what you offer isn’t really what your prospect needs or you’re not confident in your ability to help them achieve the results they want.
  • Pricing is all about the value that you bring to the other person. It doesn’t have anything to do with how you perceive your own value or self-worth.
  • Work on your mindset. Start believing that this is what your service is worth. Stop seeing yourself as a small time consultant but someone who can fix a problem that is worth millions of dollars a year.
  • Forget about yourself and your own assumptions when setting the price for your service, and start to really understand who this client is and what the value of your product or service is for that client.
  • A sale happens when someone realistically believes you can help them get the thing they really want.
  • There’s always an underlying reason why people want something. What you are selling to is the motivation behind your client’s need.
  • A sales call is a conversation that provides value and facilitates a purchase decision. It has nothing to do with selling.
  • Run your sales call in a way that people will really want to do business with you. Instead of trying to sell, make them want to purchase.
  • Sales calls help you identify which client will benefit most from what you offer. Stop trying to bring everyone on board and be mindful of the people who will not benefit from your product to ensure that your program gets the best results.
  • Self-confidence is a critical component of sales call.
  • The purpose of a sales call is not to sell but to eliminate risks. If you can reduce the risks until all that is left is your clients’ excitement about fixing their problem with your help, then they will find it easier to make a purchase decision.
  • Your clients are not looking for a friend. They’re not looking for someone who will always agree with them. They’re looking for someone who can pinpoint their blind spots and challenge their assumptions. So take the lead and stop trying to be nice all the time. Be transparent and call things out if necessary to make sure that the call is beneficial to them whether they choose to opt-in or not.
  • The purpose of a sales call is not to sell but to serve.
  • A sales call is part of the relationship. The relationship has to start before someone joins your program, not after. So be yourself throughout the entire process.
  • Customers are always looking for reasons not to buy, but if you can really dig deep and connect with them to understand what they truly want, they’re going to rationalise it. The head always follows the heart. It’s going to find out all the right reasons to rationalise what it wants.
  • In order to get the best results, your customers have to be ready. They have to go through that transformation. You need to be able to challenge them and make them realise if they’re actually ready or not. Show them that you care and you want them to win.

The Buzz — Our Innovation Round

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative — Continuously put yourself in unfamilirar and uncomfortable situations. See a new country, meet new people, and try something that scares you. Explore the other side of yourself.
  2. Best thing for new ideas — Co-creating with other people.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation — Google Flights, sleep analysis app.
  4. Keep project/client on track — Set very clear expectations right at the beginning. Have the courage to communicate difficult messages. Be honest and transparent.
  5. Differentiate — Deeply care for the other person and be honest. Call them out if needed.

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Cool Things About Patrick

  • He’s a lover of Pho, tennis and 90’s music.
  • His MBTI results change every time he takes the test.
  • He’s the Montreal Chapter Founder of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP).

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