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[Podcast] — The Human to Human Podcast featuring Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Making Marketing More Human with Jürgen Strauss

“Human marketing is not focused on the product but on the results and how you can take people there in the best way possible.

It was a great privilege to be a guest on the Human to Human Podcast with Karan Nijhawan of Jube to talk about getting to know your dream customer, Empathy Mapping, building genuine relationships, and overall making marketing human again.

Karan and I share the same passion for human connections. The Human to Human Podcast explores deep conversations that strengthen human-to-human connections and building real relationships. Every episode has information that you can implement into your life & business and help you stand out and get ahead.

Here are some of the takeaways from the interview.

  • We all have a fear of rejection, but don’t let that fear get under your skin and damage your ego. If you put yourself out there, there will always be people who will like you and resonate with you.
  • Be specific when giving feedback. Reinforce the positive things that a person has done well but also let them know about the things they can improve moving forward.
  • Get to know your ideal client beyond just the psychographics. Dig deeper. What do they see, hear, think, and feel? What do they say and do? What’s their before state and after state?
  • Empathy maps are really useful in getting to know your dream customer. It maps out and identifies the things you need to know about your customer on a deeper level and helps form your understanding of your dream client.
  • Talk to your customers. Get to know them even more and add those insights to your empathy map to keep it updated.
  • A lead magnet has to provide value. Make sure that your lead magnet helps your customers take the next step on their journey. It has to be able to solve a problem that your customer is having now and can give them a quick result, otherwise, people will walk away from it.
  • Start building your marketing strategy based on the information you’ve gathered from your dream client exercise (empathy map) — what is their problem (their before state) and where do they want to go (their after state)? What’s the result they are trying to get? And then, think about your product or service that can help them achieve those results.
  • Your product is the bridge or vehicle that gets your customers from their before state to their after state. Don’t focus on your product, instead, focus on the result that your product is going to get your customers.
  • Use your customer’s language when building your message.
  • Give things that will help your customer get quick results. It might not get them to their desired state now, but it’s something that they can implement right away and can help them decide to take the next steps and progress further with you.
  • Human marketing is not focused on the product but on the results and how you can take people there in the best way possible.
  • Human marketing takes people on a journey. People may be on different parts of the journey, so make sure that your message is targeted and consistent with where they are on that journey.
  • Podcasting is a great medium for building relationships.

Listen to the podcast to get the full scoop

Marketing Can Be Easy (and Human)

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