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Richard Medcalf, How to Accelerate and Multiply Your Impact — InnovaBuzz 480

Richard Medcalf, XQuadrant

  • Why focusing on Impact rather than productivity is important
  • Building agreements with stakeholders to help you achieve your goals
  • Starting with a mission so amazing that it lights you up

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Show Notes from this episode with Richard Medcalf, Founder of XQuadrant

Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • The perfect moment to go to another level is when you are already playing at a high game and have achieved a lot.
  • Impact affects profit, people, and purpose.
  • When we rarely focus on things and we’re running towards them, we don’t see the things that are in peripheral vision.
  • Success and breakthrough are so often closer than we think, but we need to step out of our busyness in order to see it.
  • It’s all about investing time but not using time. It’s not about doing things over and over again. It is when you invest time so that you don’t have to do it again and then using that time to do high value tasks that you can break through to the next level.
  • The things that have made you successful in the past are not the same things that will make you successful in the future.
  • Clearly identify what is desirable, necessary, and important for you right now. Focus on the maximum contribution that you should be making at this moment.
  • Have a strong vision. Be clear about what vision is so amazing that it lights you up. You need to have that sense of purpose. Your vision is your rocket fuel. It has to be really meaningful.
  • Be clear about what would be an inspiring outcome and how far you can stretch yourself in that. How do you become the person to make it happen? What do you need to do differently? And, who do you need to be?
  • It’s all about being vs doing.
  • Identify your high value activities. If you could only do three things all the time, what would they be? Or if you have one project that would make things easier for you in the next quarter, what would that be?
  • Productivity is all about freeing yourself to be more strategic.
  • Achieving next level success requires mindset, behaviour, and leadership.
  • Stop telling yourself stories that you don’t have a choice and you have to do every single task for it to be desirable.
  • You have to build new habits to achieve greater success and multiply your impact.
  • All behaviours and ambitions that you desire aren’t going happen unless you enroll everyone in the process. Identify the people you need to have conversations with and create agreements around what you will and will not do in the future.
  • Productivity is a tool. It is simply doing the things you have to do and creating time for high value activities.
  • No great business or life has ever been built in the mailroom. All your constituents what you to spend your time on the transformational projects you are leading, and not on your email.
  • If you have the ability, talent, and resources, then you have a duty to make the most of them and serve them to the world.

The Buzz — Our Innovation Round

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative — Go for a walk in nature. Unplug and think.
  2. Best thing for new ideas — Look for patterns in conversations and recognise opportunities where you can serve and make a difference.
  3. Favourite tool for innovation — The Game Changing Index
  4. Keep project/client on track — Create powerful agreements upfront.
  5. Differentiate — Say something that is Butt Clenchingly Awful (BCA). Be vulnerable, transparent, and honest about where you’re coming from. Let people see not just your polished self but who you really are and what’s really going on.

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Cool Things About Richard

  • He graduated with 1st Class Honours from Oxford University.
  • He’s the youngest-ever Partner at TMT strategy consultancy Analysys Mason.
  • He’s a licensed lay minister in the Anglican Church.



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