The Five Success Principles Applied to Business

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In this first ever Facebook LIVE podcast, Jürgen discusses the Five Success Principles with Joanne Clark of Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training. This one is raw and unedited, yet full of fabulous advice. Listen to the podcast here or watch the recording of the LIVE session here.

Show Highlights

  • The Five Success Principles are an NLP model or framework, that can be applied to any area of business or life.
  • Principle No 1 — Know Your Outcome — imagine you are already there, what do you see, what do you hear, what do you feel and what do you tell yourself.
  • Principle No 2 — Take Massive Action — the plan and the goal is fine, but action is critical to success.
  • Principle No 3 — Calibrate Your Progress — be aware of what’s going on (sensory accuity) and observe, gather data and interpret what is working and what needs improvement.
  • Principle No 4 — Behavioural Flexibility — if you are off course (based on your calibration in 3 above), then take action to correct course, adapt and adjust.
  • Principle No 5 — Psychology and Physiology of Excellence — commitment, determination, “walking the talk”, taking care of yourself.
  • We also discussed our Your Best Year Yet Business Retreat, where we work with business owners in a luxury resort, to help them design an awesome year for their business in 2017–18
  • Thank you to our live audience — we still have some improvements to achieve, to allow you to interact live with us (Principle 3 and 4!) and will continue to do some live podcast events.

Listen to the podcast here or watch the recording of the LIVE session here.

About the Author/Podcast Host

Dr. Jürgen Strauss is the founder and owner of Innovabiz. As host of the InnovaBuzz innovation podcast, he has been privileged to interview entrepreneurs from around the world. Jürgen can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via the Innovabiz website.

Originally published at on March 10, 2017.

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