InnovaBuzz Newsletter 01 September 2021

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In this episode, our guest is Cat Stancik, Lead Boss at Action Incubator. Cat works with time-crunched experts and entrepreneurs, who want to multiply their 6 figures over and over again to scale past 7 and beyond.

If you are ready to toss out complicated overly automated tech and funnels that are expensive and time-consuming to build, never work as well as people told you they would, and make you want to tear your hair out, then this episode is for you. Cat’s going to share a simple and strategic approach to consistently fill your pipeline with highly qualified leads that are ready to buy, so you can hit your revenue targets predictably and spend your time the way you want.

In our discussion, Cat talked to us about:

  • Focusing on what we are passionate about and delegating the rest
  • Documenting processes in a way that empowers our team and provides valuable training and development opportunities
  • Putting in effort to create ease

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

In this episode, our guest is Wade Galt of the 3-Day Weekend Club. Wade helps people create the life, lifestyle, and legacy they most desire. 3-Day Weekend Club was founded with the goal of inspiring people to implement a 3-Day Weekend / 4-Day Work Week lifestyle.

Pulling from 15 years experience as a productive employee and over 20 years as a software company founder & owner, corporate consultant, sales coach, accountability expert, superstar recruiter, provider of mental health counseling (psychology) services, life coach, and 4-day entrepreneur, Wade teaches others to create the life they most desire personally & professionally.

In our discussion, Wade talked to us about:

  • The mindset shift to plan for a regular 3-day weekend
  • Why working less time can be more productive
  • Creating time for the important things in life

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

The Geelong Small Business Festival is back in 2021 to connect, inspire and grow local businesses.

The festival is open for everyone — business owners, home-based start-ups, digital nomads, creatives and career-minded employees. Don’t miss this chance to hear from business experts across a range of areas.

Geelong Small Business Festival events are low cost or free and designed to help business owners improve productivity and learn from, network, and engage with other like-minded business people and industry experts.​

Event topics include business essentials, career development, financial management, health and wellbeing, leading and managing people, marketing, networking, social media and online promotions, starting and growing your business, and sustainability for businesses.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and get access to lots of amazing opportunities to improve your business, grow your business, and connect with other businesses.

Book Your Ticket Here

by Emma, Ausha Blog

Word of mouth is by far the best way for getting a podcast off the ground. But for John to recommend your show to Peter, John needs to come across it, he has to want to listen to it, he has to like it and finally, he needs to take the time to send it to Peter. In short, that’s a lot of steps and a lot of opportunities for things to derail.

To keep you from simply crossing your fingers and hoping that your podcast will just work out, here’s a method to help turn your listeners into podcast ambassadors: the Listener Journey.

Read the article to learn more.​

by Rosalyn Moreno

A podcast is audio-driven content. Podcasts are recorded to find interesting people, share knowledge with them, or build a whole community of like-minded people.

There are many types of podcasts, from entertainment content to scientific lectures. Sometimes podcasts come out as a talk show on YouTube with the studio and guests. They are often streamed live. It is essential to record high-quality audio with the speech of the host and guests to create a podcast.

This article will show you how to organize your modern content creation space and turn your living space into a home podcast studio where you can get great sound.

Read the article to learn more.​

by Jennay Horn

With so many other hosts out there trying to make a name for themselves too, you need to find consistent ways to help your podcast stand out amongst the vastness of the other podcasts.

And do you know what you don’t want to be while you’re trying to get your awesome interview skills noticed? Boring! That’s what!

And how do you make sure that you’re not boring? By making sure that you’re asking unique questions that really get the best from your guest, add value to your audience, and ones that really allow your guest to shine and flex their respective niche muscles.

But how do you know which questions you should be avoiding during your podcast interviews? Here’s a list of ten questions that perhaps should be left alone whenever you sit down to conduct an interview as well as some great options to put in their place!

Read the article to learn more.​


We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

Fabulous conversations with Arliss Dudley-Cash about practicing self-love and Gabrielle Dolan of Magnetic Stories about magnetic brand stories and connecting at a human level. Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!

That’s all for this week.




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