InnovaBuzz Newsletter 10 March 2021

Welcome to your weekly InnovaBuzz Newsletter — a roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in Marketing, Podcasting and Innovation, what’s been happening on the InnovaBuzz Podcast and more.

In this episode, our guest is Elizabeth Pampalone, an International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience. Her innovative approach helps overwhelmed business owners and burnt-out nonprofit directors to achieve success and freedom through the power of Absolute Marketing™

In our discussion, Elizabeth talked to us about:

  • The importance of getting your systems and processes documented on “paper”
  • The power of focus
  • Her system for developing a year’s worth of marketing in a day

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

In this episode, our guest is Alan Stevens, an International Profiling and Communications Specialist, who is regularly featured on National TV, Radio and in the World’s Press, profiling the likes of our leading politicians, TV and sports stars as well as Britain’s Royalty. He’s been referred to by the UK Guardian as the leading authority on reading people, and “The Mentalist meets Dr Phil”, by the Herald.

Alan has worked with international clients, the likes of Disney Films and Gillette, and high-profile organisations like the Australian Federal Police to help them to understand how people tick. He works with business owners and executives, helping them to understand and engage their clients and prospects, enhancing their presentations and negotiation skills, and with parents and teachers to help them enhance the ability of their children to reach their full potential while improving the experience of parents, teacher, and student.

His latest community initiative is The Campfire Project. The Campfire Project is a safe place for men and women to give themselves permission to tell their stories. To share their experiences and wisdom from around the world. This is his #WeTogether initiative.

In our discussion, Alan talked to us about:

  • Face profiling, how and why it works
  • Communicating with others to build relationships — the foundation of business
  • Adjusting your communication to better understand others

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

In this episode, our guest is Dr. Michelle Mazur, who works with brilliant business owners who are shaking things up but having trouble talking about it. She combines the tools of successful social movements with the qualitative research skills she earned in her Communication Ph.D. to help them craft their powerful, captivating message.

As the author of the 3 Word Rebellion and featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc., Michelle knows that speaking about what you do in a clear and captivating way is the key to reaching the people you could help the most and making more money in your business.

In our discussion, Michelle talked to us about:

  • Client journeys and the conversations that we need to have
  • An intense focus on your audience, to guide your communication
  • How words really do matter!

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

It’s time for another magical Human Connection Event!

Are you up for meeting fabulous and fascinating people, having deep conversations, creating new and deeper connections and generally just great fun?

This is not a networking event, but rather an opportunity to meet new friends and deepen connections with old ones.

It’s also an opportunity to get out of your head and into your heart, have fun, laugh more than you thought possible, learn something new about yourself or someone else…or just sit back and enjoy the ride!

As a result of our last event:

  • New connections were forged between awesome people
  • Many podcast guest appearances and new guests for podcasters resulted
  • New business was done as a result of the connections
  • JV opportunities were initiated

Click here now to register for our next Human Connection Event on:

Thursday, March 18th at 9:30am AEDT (Wednesday, March 17th at 6:30pm EDT / 3:30pm PDT)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Register Here

by Darek Black

Do you remember the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off who had that monotone voice? Instead of engaging his students, Mr. Robotic tranquilized them. Heads tilted, mouths open, drooling.

As content marketers, we can’t afford to have that same sleep-inducing effect on our audiences. Even readers give sound to the voice, cadence, and tone of our words, also known as their “inner reading voice.

The antidote to monotone content? Conversational writing.

Keep reading to learn more about conversational writing and how you can make your conversations feel more personal and less academic.

Read the article to learn more.​

by Craig Hewitt

Search engine optimization is an area of digital marketing that involves creating content, building links, and tweaking your website to improve your search engine rankings. Essentially, when someone types a relevant query into Google, you want your business or project to be presented as a result.

You may not have put together a podcast SEO strategy initially, but doing so can be a great way to build a podcast audience. When people search terms relevant to what your podcast is about, wouldn’t it be great if your show was one of the first things that popped up in the search results?

In this article, we’re going to dive in and cover how you can use SEO to your advantage and build your audience.

Read the article to learn more.​

by Jeff Bullas

In many ways, growth marketing and traditional brand building are polar opposites. Building a brand is about playing the long-game, setting and forgetting, and automating processes. Growth marketing is about experimenting with tactics and unearthing shortcuts that will accelerate your journey.

It’s an approach to marketing that requires constant monitoring, changes, and adaptation. Yes, many of the tactics are the same, but the way you approach the implementation of those tactics is very different.

Successful growth marketers combine qualitative skills, such as psychology, copywriting, and user feedback, with quantitative skills, such as data analysis and multivariate testing.

But if you want to specialize in this field, or take the next step from novice to advanced growth marketer, there are three key areas you need to focus on. Read this post to learn more.

Read the article to learn more.​


We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

Wonderful conversations with Mathew Sweezey, the author of The Context Marketing Revolution, Paul Chapman of Australian Turntables, and Tim Storey, the author of The Miracle Mentality. Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!

That’s all for this week.




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