InnovaBuzz Newsletter 11 July 2018

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Joe Da Silva, The Highrise Concept

In this episode, I’m excited to welcome to the Innovabuzz Podcast, Joe Da Silva, a business and sales professional, speaker, trainer and coach, and host of the Joe Da Silva Podcast for Your Business and Personal Success.

Joe and I had a lot of fun discussing:

  • How to make sales “not icky” — hint, it’s about asking questions and understanding you clients wants and needs
  • How to reframe NO so that it is not personal rejection
  • Joe’s five step sales process.

Sheila Sutherland on episode 119 suggested we interview Joe.

Read more and listen to the podcast.

A 27-Day Online Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

by Justin Herring

Small business owners are exceptional at what they do. From creating amazing products and services to delivering unrivaled customer experience, small business owners know how to thrive in their community.

There is, however, one downfall of some business owners. They fail to recognize the importance of online marketing for their small business.

This simple oversight can be the difference between hundreds or thousands of visitors coming to their store and website each week. By missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on online opportunities, their online and offline business is suffering.

This may sound obvious, but by failing to deliver an effective online marketing experience, you could be slicing your customer lifetime value down by thousands of dollars.

Promote you business online by following this 27-day small business marketing plan. This simple 27-day process can then be developed to take your business to the next level — helping to generate thousands of dollars worth of extra business, month after month after month.

Read the article to learn more.

The Ultimate Email Subscriber Re-Engagement Guide — with Tips From Real Business Owners

by Lisa Furgison McEwen

Subscribers stray. It happens. But, it probably happens more often than you think.

Research suggests 70–75% of your email list is inactive. In other words, subscribers are ignoring the emails you send. They might read a subject line or two, but they’re not opening your message or clicking on any links inside.

Are these subscribers a lost cause? Not at all. You just have to work a little harder to re-engage them.

Read on and find out how you can re-engage your lost subscribers. Learn about re-engagement campaigns and why they are important. And, check out some amazing re-engagement tips from real business owners that you can use as inspiration.

Read the article to learn more.

The Psychology of Colors in Content Marketing

by Guiseppe Caltabiano

Good design has become ubiquitous in our world, influencing everything from the websites we visit it to the content we read. Our brains are pre-wired to consume, process, and digest visual information more quickly. Design can improve virtually every experience because it provides simplicity and clarity in a world of distractions.

Colors are fundamental to marketing and design. They have a significant impact on our mind and might change the way we feel about products and experiences. Colors are powerful. They can either support content marketing and the user experience or reduce content effectiveness. Colors can also affect emotions and potentially become a powerful tool in the hands of expert content hub designers. Finally, colors can make people react and take specific actions.

In this article, learn about the psychology of colors in content marketing and how the proper color choice can support and empower brand awareness.

Read the article to learn more.

How to Involve Your Whole Team in Content Marketing

by Justin

More than 90 percent of organizations view content as a business asset, according to the Content Marketing Institute, but Altimeter points out that 70 percent of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.

Two of the biggest challenges are coming up with good topic ideas and finding the time to dedicate to writing content. Without consistent content production and promotion, content marketing won’t be very effective.

In this post, we will look at how involving your whole team in content marketing can address both of these concerns and improve your return on investment.

Read the article to learn more.

What is a Pillar Page?

by Laura Peill

The amount of online material increases exponentially every day. Whether it is new videos, new blog posts, new ads or new images, staying ahead of the deluge of published media can be exhausting, challenging and discouraging.

To succeed as a business however, bringing in new clients, scaling to new markets and growing increased profit, there is no option but to stay ahead. And doing this means you need an innovative and unique content marketing strategy, that can boost SEO, improve customer relationships, drive sales and build business. For this you need pillar pages.

In this article, learn what a pillar a page is, how to make them, and why you should make them in order to improve your online content.

Read the article to learn more.


There is so much fantastic information that guests in my podcast have contributed over the time we’ve been conducting the interviews, so we thought that it would be good to revisit some of that awesome content.

In this episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast, my guest is Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros. Luria has appeared on TV shows, hosted corporate livestream events and is an expert in using video to grow and market any business.

Mike Morrison of the Membership Guys on Episode 93 recommended we interview Luria, so here we are.

Of course, we talked about the power of video to build relationships and share content, as well as the benefits of live video. Listen to the podcast to find explore the power of video.

Read More and Listen to the Podcast.

That’s all for this week.


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