InnovaBuzz Newsletter 13 February 2019

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John Jonas,

In this episode, I’m really excited to have on the InnovaBuzz podcast as my guest, John Jonas, Founder of, the marketplace to find and hire virtual assistants in the Philippines. John helps entrepreneurs replace themselves by outsourcing to virtual assistants in the Philippines.

In our discussion, John talked to me about:

  • How hiring staff can allow the business owner to work strategically on the business — in fact, the first hire will force the owner to work more ON the business
  • How to effectively delegate tasks to your virtual assistant and train them to do those tasks independently in the future
  • The importance of good communication when working with remote staff and how that is different to working with staff in the same office

Read more and listen to the Podcast.

Kieran McKeefery, Rebel Base Media

In this episode, I’m really excited to have on the InnovaBuzz podcast as my guest, Kieran McKeefery, who is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Rebel Base Media. Rebel Base Media creates technology & solutions for podcasters.

They are the creators of Podcast Websites, Captivate Audio, Poductivity and The Podcast Success Academy. Their business is all about serving podcasters, so of course, I’m really keen to learn more from Kieran, in this episode.

In our discussion, Kieran talked to me about:

  • How Rebel Base Media and its suite of products developed from a need for podcasters to have support
  • Identifying the real needs behind an issue or problem and how digging deep can lead to innovative products
  • Creating intrigue and curiosity around a new product by keeping secrets

Mark Asquith on episode 137 suggested we interview Kieran.

Read more and listen to the Podcast.

The 5 Types of Prospects You Meet Online, and How to Sell to Each of Them

by Brian Clark

The tricky problem for content producers is that various readers are at different awareness levels, depending on how long they’ve been reading and how much exposure you’ve provided to your offer.

And the way you approach your offer will change, depending on which stage your prospect happens to be in.

In this article, let’s take a look at how the five stages of awareness contained in a 40-year-old book can help you craft content that works for your marketing goals.

Read the article to learn more.

3 Powerful Strategies for Pain-Free Client Relationships

by Claire Emerson

When you’re a freelancer, your clients impact everything. Who you choose to work with (and how you choose to work with them) directly affects your income, lifestyle, productivity levels, mental health, and the satisfaction you gain from being self-employed. In other words, your relationships matter.

And when they aren’t built on a solid foundation of trust, value, and mutual respect, business becomes stressful, and you end up plagued with the awful anxiety that comes with not feeling in control of your environment.

In this article, let’s take a look at these simple ways to prevent that loss of control and instead build strong, pain-free client relationships that allow you both to flourish.

Read the article to learn more.


Do you want to have your work, your words, and your creativity have a profound impact on others? Do you want to create a distinctive signature work that will effortlessly propel you into prosperity? Of course you do! And sometimes, we all need some help to clear the fear and learn ways to capture our genius in order to achieve our professional and personal goals. That’s why I’m inviting you to join Jamie Greenberg, Chief Originologist of A Brand You Way and 25+ expert entrepreneurs, coaches and transformational thought leaders (including myself!) for his online symposium entitled “Capitalize On Your Creativity.” We will share proven techniques on how to clear your fear and capture your genius in order to create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind signature work that will allow you to stand out in your market and create the life you are aching to live!

This FREE online interview series is for:

  • Anyone who has a big idea and wants to turn it into a business
  • Anyone who is ready for creative tools and strategies to take their business to the next level
  • Anyone who is transitioning from a corporate to an entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • Anyone who is a coach, speaker or expert who wants to become a recognized thought leader in their industry
  • Anyone who wants to turn “creative constipation” into “creative inspiration”
  • Anyone who is ready to use their creative inspirations to step into a bitter and more visible version of themselves both professionally and personally

If you want to get the brilliant tools, strategies and insights on how to unleash your spectacular creative genius and how to purposefully and effectively bring your ideas to life, this event is for you! Register HERE!

Learn More About This News Here

50 Promotion Tactics to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy

by Sujan Patel

Promoting your content isn’t nearly as much fun as creating it, but it’s a vital part of content marketing success. In fact, many prominent marketers and digital gurus suggest you spend much more time on promotion than you do on creation.

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers recommends the 80/20 Rule: spend 80% of your time on promoting your stuff, and the other 20% making it.

But since there’s no “one size fits all” promotional approach that’ll suit all businesses, check out these expert tips on different strategies you can use to get your crackerjack content seen by as many eyes as possible.

Read the article to learn more.

7 Recent Online Advertising Updates You Should Know

by Conor Bond

As every marketer knows, online advertising is in constant flux. With an ever-expanding suite of platforms for you to leverage, it makes sense that new features, ad formats, placements, and targeting functionalities are emerging (and vanishing) all the time.

And although that’s what makes online advertising exciting, it’s also what makes online advertising overwhelming. Keeping up with the news is legitimately time-consuming, and when your schedule is packed with everything from keyword research to landing page design, it can often feel as if you’re simply destined to fall behind.

Keep reading for a quick round-up of seven online advertising news stories — coming from the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn — that may have slipped past you in recent weeks.

Read the article to learn more.


There is so much fantastic information that guests in my podcast have contributed over the time we’ve been conducting the interviews, so we thought that it would be good to revisit some of that awesome content.

Erica Castner, The Queen of Results

In this episode, I’m really excited to welcome to the InnovaBuzz podcast, Erica Castner, who is also known as the Queen of Results. Erica is a business growth coach, and host of the “Power Factor Biz Chat” podcast on iHeartRadio and iTunes.

Erica offers workshops and coaching that are designed to help business professionals influence a group of ideal clients and ultimately enhance their productivity, presence, and partnerships. She has been featured as a guest contributor to over 100 podcasts, articles, and stages including: The News-Press Media Group, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Southwest Florida Business Today and Digital Footprint Conference.

Read more and listen to the Podcast.

That’s all for this week.


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