InnovaBuzz Newsletter 13 June 2018

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Anese Cavanaugh, The IEP Method

In this episode, I’m really excited to welcome to the Innovabuzz podcast, Anese Cavanaugh. Anese is the creator of the IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence) Method, a leadership advisor, speaker, and author of the book “Contagious Culture”.

Anese and I had a lot of fun discussing:

  • The presence reboot — how you can quickly reset your mindset to be fully and energetically present in any situation
  • Effective leadership and the key components that are required
  • How choosing our response to situations and choosing our state, gives us personal power and the ability to have great impact.

Mike Ganino on episode 114 suggested we interview Anese.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

How to Create Branded Social Media Graphics That Will Make Followers Stop and Engage

by Orana Velarde

There are many kinds of content that can be shared on social media, from blog posts and case studies, to photographs of the products you sell.

The general rule for sharing content online is 80/20. This means that 20% of what you share should be direct selling of your product or services, while the other 80% is meant to be content that will interest, inform and engage your audience. This 80% can be blog posts from other sites, news articles that pertain to your brand values and other content from relevant sources.

Included in this 80% are the kinds of posts that will help your brand create a community and stay relevant. You can share quotes, ask questions, show comparisons or give tips. These are a few ideas that will make your followers stop scrolling and want to engage with you. This type of content needs to be shareable, and that is why it also needs to be branded. As your engaging content makes the rounds on social media, so does your logo and your brand, improving brand awareness.

In this article, check out some innovative ideas on how to craft social media campaigns that will represent your brand and make your followers stop and engage.

Read the article to learn more.

How To Share Online Reviews Proactively Using Social Media

by Andrew McDermott

Reviews are kingmakers.

You know it, I know it. Share online reviews on the right platforms and you attract an enormous wave of attention. Get customers to promote your reviews within their sphere of influence and you extend your reach exponentially.

But how?

By sharing your online reviews with customers! There’s more to it than that, however.

Sharing online reviews is an important and valuable strategy. But only if they’re shared properly.

In this article, learn how to properly share your online reviews using social media to attract more customers, build relationships and generate more revenue.

Read the article to learn more.

Why You Need to Add Webinars to Your Content Marketing Strategy

by Franco Varriano

As a marketer, one of your main goals is to generate leads — lots and lots of leads, so that some of them ultimately turn into sales. And that’s where content marketing comes in: a cost-effective marketing tactic that is consistently generating amazing results for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

One of the best forms of content for lead generation, especially when it comes to B2B, are webinars

In this article, find out why you need to add webinars to your content marketing strategy and how to get started.

Read the article to learn more.

Transform Your Business With Reviews

People Talk; What are they saying about you?

Daniel Priestly in Oversubscribed summarized it well:
“People talk. Prior to social media, a dissatisfied customer told 11 people according to research. Today a dissatisfied customer might have 1,000 friends on Facebook, several hundred Twitter followers and their negative review of your business could become indexed on Google and haunt you for years.

Conversely, if people see your business as remarkable for positive reasons, all of these factors begin working in your favour. If people love what you do, they can tell thousands of people.”

What if there were a way that you could confidently ask EVERY SINGLE customer for a rating, knowing that, even if they are in a bad mood or got out of bed on the wrong side that morning, that their negative comments wouldn’t be posted in public. You would be building hundreds of positive reviews online in no time. And at the same time, get the negative reviews privately, so you can take appropriate action to make it right for those customers.

Well now there is a way!

Our ReputationHub System allows you to collect reviews from all your customers, send positive reviews directly to Google, Facebook or other online systems of your choice, filter out negative reviews, so you can deal with them in private and build a strong marketing platform based on your online reputation.

The ReputationHub System has just launched and you can see a demo of the system as well as subscribe to the service by visiting this link. ​​

P.S. For the first 35 businesses who subscribe to the service, we’ll waive the $297 setup fee!

Transform Your Business With Reviews

How to Create Effective Facebook Ads

by Greg Ruais

Facebook is known to most of the world as a popular and free social network. Less well know is that it’s one of the greatest advertising platforms of all time.

Facebook ads can be used to achieve nearly any marketing goal, from lead generation and appointment booking, to app downloads and online sales. When done effectively, Facebook ads attract new customers, bring previous customers back to your business, and generate word-of-mouth buzz through social sharing.

Like all forms of advertising, however, you can also burn through your budget and get nothing in return: if you’re not reaching the right audience, if your creative is weak, or if you’re offer lacks appeal, you’re going to waste money.

In this article, learn how to use the unique attributes of Facebook’s advertising platform to your advantage and run effective ads that convert your target audience into paying customers.

Read the article to learn more.

When Is It Time for a Content Strategy Update?

by Daniel Tay

Smart Insights reports that every 60 seconds, 500 hours of content are uploaded to Youtube, 1,400 posts are published on WordPress sites, and 448,800 tweets are sent. What’s more, the sheer amount of content that people are exposed to and are readily consuming is accelerating. Moore’s Law has it that technological progress is exponential, not linear — and content production appears to follow that same pattern.

In the midst of this madness, if you’ve put in place a solid content strategy, you are already ahead of the content-producing competition.

That said, a rapidly changing field makes it inevitable that there will come a day when your content strategy needs a refresh. Knowing when that time has come and what it takes to approach a successful content strategy overhaul can be the difference between long-term success and a short-lived effort.

In this article, find out when it is time to reconfigure your content marketing plan and which elements of your content strategy do you need to change.

Read the article to learn more.


There is so much fantastic information that guests in my podcast have contributed over the time we’ve been conducting the interviews, so we thought that it would be good to revisit some of that awesome content.

Dr. Ilene Ruhoy, Center for Healing Neurology

In this episode, my guest is Ilene Ruhoy, Center for Healing Neurology. Ilene is a medical doctor specializing in neurology and also holds a Ph.D. in environmental toxicology. At the Center for Healing Neurology, Ilene’s mission is to treat the person, not the disease. Her approach is to combine traditional and complementary therapies to treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

Listen to the podcast to find out how Ilene combines these skills to serve her patients.

Read More and Listen to the Podcast…

That’s all for this week.


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