InnovaBuzz Newsletter 22 December 2021

Welcome to your weekly InnovaBuzz Newsletter — a roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in Marketing, Podcasting and Innovation, what’s been happening on the InnovaBuzz Podcast and more.

In this episode, our guest is Tom Ruwitch, an experienced direct response marketer, communications strategist, copywriter, and web developer. He is especially adept at helping businesses discover their core stories and coordinate their online and offline marketing efforts. He has experience designing and executing marketing campaigns for small business startups and publicly traded companies.

Tom helps coaches, consultants, and other business leaders harness the power of storytelling to captivate prospects and inspire them to buy. He is the CEO of Story Power Marketing, the agency he founded in January 2020, and is the founder and former CEO of MarketVolt, the email marketing software, and services firm.

In January 2020, MarketVolt sold its software business to Benchmark Email, and Tom spun out the strategic consulting and services business to form Story Power.

In our discussion, Tom talked to us about:

  • The importance of knowing your customers and prospects and their journeys
  • Practicing curiosity and developing the habit
  • Systemising the gathering of ideas and story building blocks

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

In this episode, our guest is Josh Greene, the CEO of the Mather Group, a digital agency that solves marketing challenges for companies of all sizes. With over twenty years of experience creating and implementing digital strategies, Josh empowers top brands and individuals to shape their online presence to support their bottom line. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events, including the Public Relations Society of America, PR Summit, and Channel Advisor’s Catalyst conference.

Before The Mather Group, Josh managed online and digital TV programs for industry leaders such as Discovery Channel and Time Warner Cable.

In our discussion, Josh talked to us about:

  • Why a Wikipedia page can be an important element in your online presence
  • How you can contribute to topics in your field to build a Wikipedia presence
  • Keeping your Google My Business page up to date

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

Marketing and podcasting have always been a human endeavor. It’s not about the money or getting bigger slices of pie, it’s all for relationships!

I love having conversations with people on my podcast because of the human element. Email is fine, websites are great — but conversations have life! Podcasting has enabled me to connect with business owners around the world and build my business in a very human way.

Speaking of podcasts, I was recently interviewed by Michael DeLon on his Experts Speak podcast on just this topic. Our conversation illuminates the importance of the human element in business and shows you how simple — and powerful — having your own podcast can be.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.​

EASILY power up your book sales, grow your network, grow your business with podcasting!

Podcasting is a hugely valuable promotional strategy for authors to sell more books and grow their business

Podcasts enable you to amplify your message, build visibility, professional authority and credibility with your dream clients.

  • Podcast numbers for 2021 are at an all-time high and growing exponentially.
  • Authors have been using podcasting to get onto bestseller lists for over a decade.
  • Podcast listening is replacing blog reading for many readers.
  • Podcasts have little competition during many times of the day (car, gym, walking the dog, etc.)
  • There are only 2 million ACTIVE podcasts vs billions of blogs.

Our author podcasting service makes running your own podcast EASY and time efficient. All you do is turn up for a conversation with us to record each episode, we do EVERYTHING else!

Ready to power up your book sales, grow your network and grow your business with podcasting? Click the button below or schedule a call to find out if this is for you.

Get Started Now

by Matthew McLean

There’s no shortage of things to focus on when it comes to planning, launching, and running your own podcast.

From buying the right mic and choosing a hosting platform, to coming up with a show name and sorting out your cover art, these all fall under the umbrella of “podcasting”. But all podcasting tasks aren’t created equally. Some of the things you do can have a huge impact on your show’s success, whilst others can be little more than a distraction.

Read on or listen to this episode of Podcraft to find out what really moves the needle when working on a podcast.

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With over 1 million show launches on Anchor in 2020 alone — not to mention content outside of podcasts vying for people’s attention–it can be difficult to organically find an audience and keep them engaged. Likewise, it’s becoming tougher for listeners to discover their new favorites.

But that’s where Spotify can help: There are a number of recent Spotify features that creators can leverage to ensure you’re delivering the optimal listener experience–and help grow your Anchor podcast audience. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how you can use them.

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by Jennay Horn

It’s that time of year again! The Holidays are just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about what gifts you want to give out this year.

Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or just love giving your loved ones some holiday cheer, a thoughtful gift is guaranteed to bring joy.

But what do you do if the gift recipient is a passionate podcast host or a die-hard podcast enthusiast?

Don’t worry, here’s a list of 12 awesome gifts podcasters and podcast listeners will love.

There is something on this list for everyone! And not only will the gift receivers love their new podcast wares, but you’ll secure the bragging rights of Best Gift Giver for another year running!

Read More Here


We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

​Fantastic conversations with Kedma Ough, VP of Automate Grow Sell and Karan Nijhawan of Close Dream Clients. Watch out for these episodes to publish in January 2022!​


We’d like to wish you a joyful holiday season and an awesome start to the New Year. Stay safe and we look forward to serving you again in 2022!

That’s all for this week,



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