InnovaBuzz Newsletter 23 February 2022

Welcome to your weekly InnovaBuzz Newsletter — a roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in Marketing, Podcasting and Innovation, what’s been happening on the InnovaBuzz Podcast and more.

​Sarah Fejfar, How to Deliver a Transformative Event Experience

In this episode, our guest is Sarah Fejfar, who helps business owners, along with their marketing and sales teams, leverage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events to reach more dream clients, build customer and employee loyalty, and make sales. She is also the founder of Live Event Academy as well as the host of the Greenroom Central Podcast.

In our discussion, Sarah talked to us about:

  • Designing events as a transformative experience for participants
  • Getting clear up front about your why and participants why
  • Why hybrid events (live and virtual combined) are not a good idea

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​Jason Voiovich, Innovation and Marketing Lessons from History

In this episode, Jason Voiovich, author of “Marketer in Chief: How Each President Sold the American Idea”. In a career that spans more than 25 years, Jason has launched hundreds of new products — everything from medical devices, to virtual healthcare systems, to non-dairy consumer cheese, to next-generation alternatives to the dreaded “cone of shame” for pets, to sex aids for cows (really!).

He’s a graduate of both the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota, and he has completed post-graduate studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His formal training has been invaluable, but he credits his true success to growing up in a family of artists, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. They taught him how to carefully observe the world, see patterns before others notice them, and use those insights to create new innovations.

History is Jason’s favorite way to observe the world. He believes the people from the past have plenty to teach us about the challenges and opportunities we face today.

In our discussion, Jason talked to us about:

  • How stories are more powerful than facts
  • How reimagining history as a set of possible outcomes, we develop the skill to view the future in that same way
  • An example of over-reliance on technology that led to undermined trust

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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[LinkedIn Live] — Tuesdays with Ted, Making Podcasting Human with Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Podcasting is a great way to build deeper connections with your audience. You can use it to share stories, teach valuable lessons, and entertain people. But if you want to be successful at podcasting, you need to think of it as a relationship game. It’s not just about recording a show and putting it out there; instead, you need to put some thought into how the show will make an impact on your listeners’ lives. If you do that right, they’ll become loyal fans who are constantly eager for more episodes.

It was a great privilege to be a guest on Ted Prodromou’s LinkedIn Live Show, Tuesdays with Ted, to talk about making podcasting human. You’ll learn how to use the power of podcasting in order to strengthen connections between yourself and other people in your niche. We also shared some tips for creating an engaging show that keeps listeners coming back for more!

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​InnovaBuzz Podcasting Flywheel — Free Audio Program

Learn how to use podcasting to massively grow your network, build and deepen relationships, and as a result, grow your business!

This free audio program teaches everything you need to know, to EASILY, EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY grow your business with podcasting; to produce a show that’s really going to speak to your dream audience and transform your listeners; to build and deepen relationships and grow your network through your podcast.

This flywheel is our entire, fully tested InnovaBuzz Podcasting Process.

By following the system described in this program, you’ll be able to really showcase your knowledge and personality to a highly engaged audience and at the same time, build a deep and sustainable connection with your podcast guests.

When you’re ready, just click the button below to get started and achieve the desired result that will come with transforming your podcast into a Podcasting Flywheel.

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​How to Sell Podcast Episodes | 8 Ways to Purchase Pods

by Matthew McLean, The Podcast Host

In the main, podcast episodes are available free of charge. They ‘live’ on a podcast hosting platform, can be found everywhere podcasts are consumed (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and hundreds more listening platforms), and listeners can subscribe to them on their app of choice.

This is, overwhelmingly, a positive thing. From a listener point of view, it means that podcasts are accessible to almost anyone. From a podcaster point of view, it means that your content has the potential to reach the maximum amount of people. It’s a win-win.

However, you might be thinking about how to sell podcast episodes as additional ‘premium’ content alongside your main series. Or, you might just want to run a 100% ‘premium’ podcast, as opposed to creating free content available to everyone. In this guide, we’ll run you through some options.

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​Why and How to Transcribe Your Podcast Episodes

by Logan Baker, Premium Beat Blog

Transcribing your podcast and attaching the transcription to your episode is one of the most influential SEO factors you shouldn’t overlook. This will help your SEO ranking by giving sites like Google a good idea of everything discussed within the episode, expanding your searchability beyond something like a keyword.

This article will explain why should transcribe your podcast audio into text, what makes a good transcription, and how to do it.

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​Steer Clear of Overused Stock Photos With These Planning Tips and Resources

by Ann Gynn, Content Marketing Institute

Marketers use a lot of images.

In an average week, 42.8% of surveyed marketers publish at least five visuals, and 40.8% use two to five images, according to a Venngage study.

Sourcing and organizing all those images take up a lot of the content marketing’s team time. That’s why so many teams rely on image banks filled with inexpensive (but sometimes clichéd or less than ideal) options.

You can cut down that work and end up with better images with some planning. Try these tips to create your own “stock” photography library and update your list of other stock resources.

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We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

Insightful conversation with Creative Catalyst, Paulina Larocca about creativity and questions that invite possibilities. Plus, join us as we welcome back our previous guests for a fun and value-packed episode to celebrate InnovaBuzz’s Magic 500 Milestone! Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!​

That’s all for this week.




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