InnovaBuzz Newsletter 26 February 2020

Welcome to your weekly InnovaBuzz Newsletter — a roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in Marketing, Podcasting and Innovation, what’s been happening on the InnovaBuzz Podcast and more.

James Hayes, Developmental Edge

In this episode, our guest is James Hayes of Developmental Edge. James helps leaders and teams set crazy big goals and make the changes required to achieve them. He is passionate about human development and what is possible for us when we can access the full range of our creativity and intelligence. James is also an internal coach for the team at Canva.

In our discussion, James talked to us about:

  • How he discovered his passion for coaching
  • The importance of asking powerful questions
  • Giving feedback, receiving feedback, and asking for feedback

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Amanda Turner, Non-Fiction Writing Coach

In this episode, our guest is Amanda Turner, who writes under the name AK Turner. Amanda is a writing coach and completes an average of two books each year, while also managing to travel for four months of every year as a part-time digital nomad. Together with her husband and two young daughters, their travels have taken them from her home in Idaho to Australia, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, and Thailand.

Amanda is The New York Times bestselling author of the Vagabonding with Kids series (Brown Books) as well as This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store, Mommy Had a Little Flask, and Hair of the Corn Dog.

In our discussion, Amanda talked to us about:

  • The importance of your book cover and title to capture attention from the beginning
  • Understanding your audience and getting your message in front of the right audience
  • Focusing your writing for one reader and in building a connection with that one reader

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

How to Come Up With a Great Podcast Idea

by Rachel Corbett

So, what’s your podcast going to be about?

If you’re thinking “I want to do a podcast but I’m not sure what it should be about,” you’re not alone.

Coming up with an idea for your podcast can be really difficult.

Check out these article for a few exercises to help you refine your podcast idea or come up with one if you’ve got nothing.

Read the article to learn more.

Podcasting for Profit — Let Us Help You

Podcasting is an excellent way to promote your business, connect with influencers, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It is also great fun!

Make clever and strategic podcasting a fundamental pillar of your marketing and open a whole range of opportunities to help your target audience.

If you want to participate in the Podcasting Tsunami, with your own podcast that positions you as an expert and is your very own PR and media platform, click the button below.

Yes, I want to start podcasting…

Adapting to Unforeseen Circumstances

CQ for Global Leaders Podcast

The ability to reframe is critically important for leaders especially in times of unforeseen circumstances.

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Dr. Tom Verghese reflects on some of the unexpected things that are happening to our world now and discusses how global leaders can effectively adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Read more and listen to the podcast.


After the Waiting Room Podcast

Have you ever promised yourself that you’d do something or think you should do something and then not follow through?

It’s so frustrating isn’t it?

In this episode of the After the Waiting Room Podcast, Myotherapist, Shayne Sullivan talks about variety as one of our six core needs and how rewarding ourselves for doing things that has to be done gives us a much better chance of achieving our goals and getting through the hard times.

Read more and listen to the podcast.


We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

Great conversations with Prerna Malik of Content Bistro about writing a compelling and sales-boosting copy, and Matt Johnson of Pursuing Results about growing and monetising your podcast.

Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!

That’s all for this week.





Weekly InnovaBuzz Newsletter — — a roundup of what’s new in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Information Marketing, Website Development, Leadership and Innovation.

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