InnovaBuzz Newsletter 26 June 2019

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Robyn Bennett, The Technology Queen

In this episode, I’m really excited to have on the InnovaBuzz podcast as my guest, Robyn Bennett, the Technology Queen. Robyn is a Certified Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Digital Marketer and Tech Savvy Virtual Assistant who loves to help entrepreneurs grow their online business by helping them implement the right systems and marketing strategies in their business. She helps clients build their email lists and sales funnels, create their systems and launch their telesummits, programs and much more.

In our discussion, Robyn talked to me about:

  • The moving parts of a valuable Tele-summit in growing your list and potential clients
  • How knowing your ideal client will allow you to reach the right audience
  • Using webinars and the importance of follow up and growing the relationships established in your summit

Jamie Greenberg on episode 117 introduced us to Robyn.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Steve August, Founders’ Coach

In this episode, I’m really excited to have on the InnovaBuzz podcast as my guest, Steve August, Founders’ Coach and also Founder and CEO of August and Wonder.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, digital artist and maker. Formerly the Founder and CEO of Revelation, a market research software company that he took from idea stage to a multi-million dollar exit. He has taken a lap around the C-Suite and boardrooms in private equity-backed companies and his writing brings a keen eye to the particular journey of visionary Founders. His coaching practice focuses on helping first-time founders and entrepreneurs navigate the learning curve and pitfalls of scaling their business and reaching their full potential.

In our discussion, Steve talked to me about:

  • The 3 patterns that explain how businesses get stuck, founders get burnt out and how to break through
  • The hero’s journey in business and how to take control of your own story
  • The ideal customer creation process

Stephanie Hayes on episode 162 introduced us to Steve.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Guesting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

by Yann Ilunga

The growth of podcasting as a medium translates to opportunities for podcast hosts, podcasting-related businesses and services, and for companies interested in advertising on podcasts.

If you’re reading this but are none of the above, keep reading because there’s an angle in the podcasting space that might be of interest to you: podcast guesting.

In this article, take a closer look at five reasons you should consider podcast guesting and why, if you’re a business owner, coach, author, consultant, marketer, or creative professional, it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Read the article to learn more.

How Automation Can Save You Time (While Improving the Customer Experience)

by Will Morris

Time is crucial when it comes to website management. There are many tasks you need to regularly complete to ensure your site stays in tip-top shape. When it comes to emails, social media and blog posts, and customer support, delivering content on time and responding promptly is key.

Automating some of your management tasks frees up time for you to focus on other important responsibilities. It also ensures your users receive consistent content and prompt responses to support requests.

In this article, learn the benefits of automating certain aspects of website management. Discover the three ways automation can save you time while improving the customer experience, and how you can incorporate them into your routine.

Read the article to learn more.

How to Consistently Create Engaging Social Media Videos

by Lilach Bullock

We’ve all heard it, time and time again: video is the new king.

It’s the best performing form of online content. And in just a few short years, almost all online traffic will go to videos.

On social media, video is outperforming all other forms of content — some studies say that video generates 1200% more shares than both text and image updates combined. And all major social networks now have at least one video format — even LinkedIn has turned highly visual.

So how do you leverage more video on your social media? Keep reading to find out.

Read the article to learn more.

The Tools And Plugins You Need To Use The Content Upgrade Technique

by Colin Newcomer

You want more email subscribers, right? More subscribers mean a bigger list. And a bigger list means a bigger audience to promote your content and offers to.

Content upgrades are one of the best ways to grow your email list. But only if you know how to effectively promote and deliver them to your readers.

This is what this post is about. Keep reading for a quick primer on content upgrades (and how they’re different from lead magnets), and check out some of the best content upgrade plugins and tools to help you easily add content upgrades to your WordPress site.

Read the article to learn more.

8 Blog Design Tips For Beginners (Get A Blog That Rocks)

by Alison Wright

Before choosing your WordPress theme, let’s stop a minute and think about good blog design. These blog design tips for beginners will help you get your design right from the word go.

Newbie bloggers waste a tonne of time making changes to the look of their theme. Why? Because they choose the wrong theme in the first place. Unless you want to end up in a mess making changes with no coding experience, read these tips on the elements of good blog design.

Read the article to learn more.


There is so much fantastic information that guests in my podcast have contributed over the time we’ve been conducting the interviews, so we thought that it would be good to revisit some of that awesome content.

Dave Birss, How to Get to Great Ideas

In this episode, I’m really excited to welcome to the InnovaBuzz podcast, Dave Birss, who is an author, speaker and consultant on all things creativity and innovation. In fact, Dave is obsessed with creativity — what it is, where it comes from, its role in history, its place in our future, and what makes some people more creative than others. He is on a mission to enable people to harness their untapped creative abilities.

Dave’s new book, “How to Get to Great Ideas”, proposes a new theory of creativity. In it, he explores what makes some individuals more creatively productive and shows how businesses can encourage creative thinking in the workplace.

In our discussion, Dave talked to me about:

  • His new book and how organisations can have better ideas — debunking the myths of creativity
  • Curiosity as the foundation for creative thoughts and learning by doing
  • Innovation vs creativity — creative doing vs creative thinking

Soon Yu on episode 142 introduced us to Dave.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.


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