InnovaBuzz Newsletter 28 July 2021

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In this episode, our guest is Stefan Smulders, SaaS Entrepreneur, co-founder of Expandi, the world’s safest software for LinkedIn Automation. Expandi is an organisation he bootstrapped to $6M ARR in just 17 months Their software is a cloud platform designed to make automated outreach safe by using random delays, message frequencies, message limits (and much more) to make sure it works perfectly within LinkedIn guidelines.

In our discussion, Stefan talked to us about:

  • Key approaches to effectively connecting with the right people on LinkedIn
  • How to do smart searches on LinkedIn
  • The importance of good customer onboarding and support

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In this episode, our guest is Stephen Berkeley, Director of Global Business at Flyntrok Consulting. Stephen has three and a half decades of experience at a leadership level in Australia, England, and India. His industry experience includes health, shipping, manufacturing, agriculture, IT, and law. He has worked with boards and senior leaders in the areas of change management, strategy development, governance, business improvement, organisation development, human resource management, learning and development, community building, and values-based management.

Stephen is an experienced group facilitator and executive coach and works with clients to identify opportunities for growth and help them make that a reality.

In our discussion, Stephen talked to us about:

  • Creating a values-based culture in an organisation and moving values from posters on the wall to conversations in the hall
  • Using stories to highlight and articulate values
  • How to develop shared meaning around values

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Hosted by Dr Jürgen Strauss, The Tales of Marketing Transformation podcast lays a firm foundation for your marketing journey.

Join us on this quest to make marketing human again and discover amazing tools to help you run your business, podcasting tips and ideas, and how to transform your marketing into a human-centered, relationship-focused growth engine.

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by Jennay Horn

Your podcast launch sets your show up for success and can help make your entry into the industry a smooth one.

But a successful launch strategy does more than help you launch your podcast without too many hiccups or “Houston, we have a problem!” scenarios. A successful launch strategy should also help get your podcast on the radar of your potential listeners.

Since your launch is so important, you will need a sound launch strategy in place to ensure that your podcast has an audience that is ready and waiting to help rocket your podcast into orbit and give it the attention it deserves right from the first episode!

Read the article to learn more.​

by Neil Patel

Facebook is moving forward into the world of podcasting. With the new Facebook podcast feature, creators can link their iTunes RSS feed with Facebook so episodes are automatically aggregated on your Facebook news feed. Does this have some perks? You bet it does.

In this quick guide, let’s explore the simple steps necessary to get your podcast onto Facebook while also explaining how you can take advantage of this big change by the social media giant.

Read the article to learn more.​

by Robert Katai

Imagine if your audience came to the end of your article or podcast episode and couldn’t wait for the next one to publish.

An effective episodic content strategy can make that happen. It’s one way to build a media company within your B2B or B2C brand — something where the audience connects with your company brand as more than a provider of a product or service but as a deliverer of great, interesting content they want to consume.

Episodic content is a lot of work. What goes into a successful strategy? Here’s what some experts had to say.

Read the article to learn more.


We’ve got more fantastic guests lined up! Look out for these InnovaBuzz episodes to publish this coming week, where we share all kinds of tips and strategies around innovation, leadership, and modern marketing.

Fabulous conversations with Arjun Zen of ZenMango and Pete Martin of AskMyBoard about creating remarkable customer experiences. Watch out for these episodes to publish next week!

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