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In this episode of the InnovaBuzz podcast, I’m excited to speak with Lydia Lassila the founder and CEO of BodyICE, who produce ice and heat packs for injury management.

In addition to being a business owner, a mother of two young boys, a wife, a motivational speaker, Lydia is also a champion aerial freestyle skier who is currently in full training to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea, her fifth Olympic campaign.

Lydia won the gold medal in aerial freestyle at the 2010 Vancouver olympic games and achieved bronze at the 2014 Sochi winter olympics, becoming the first woman to perform a quad twisting triple somersault jump in competition, a jump she’d landed on snow for the first time only days before.

Lydia’s story is also featured in the book and film “The Will to Fly” — an inspirational journey into the mind of a champion.

Of course, we talked about sport, and I was really keen to learn how Lydia applied the lessons from her sporting career to her business. Listen to the podcast to get the full scoop.

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Remove Bad Reviews on Google and other online Review Sites: Is it possible?

by Jürgen Strauss

I’ve been asked recently how to remove bad reviews on Google. Is it possible? The short answer is if it is an inappropriate review that violates the Review Guidelines of Google, then yes with great difficulty. If it is a genuine review from an unhappy customer, then no, it cannot be removed.

Businesses may be tempted then, to shy away from getting reviews online, for fear of adding to their negative reviews. In this article, I’m going to demonstrate the benefits of online reviews, why you should be actively seeking reviews from all of your customers and some suggestions about avoiding bad reviews and managing your online reputation.

In this article, Jürgen says that you should be more concerned about getting review from ALL of your customers and addressing any opportunities that provides you to improve your service or business.

Read his article and see how you can deal with bad reviews about your business.

Serious About Your Business? Then You Seriously Need to Blog.

by Tara Johnson

There’s no doubt about it: blogging is hard work. You have to have a plan, block off time and clear space on your calendar each and every week.

Often times we begin, write a handful of posts and then become discouraged: where is my audience? Do people even care? Am I agonizing over posts not no one is bothering to read? Is blogging really that important?

Read this article and see the author’s point of view in discussing the importance of blogging and how to get more traction and higher rankings on your website if you are already blogging.

How to Find a Juicy Writing Idea When Your Creative Well Has Run Dry

by Sonia Simone

The thing about being a writer that isn’t necessarily all that awesome.

Sometimes it’s the part that makes you doubt yourself, doubt your creativity and abilities, maybe even doubt whether this whole professional writing thing really makes sense for you.

Like those people who stay magically thin while consuming a steady diet of packaged cookies and beer, I don’t much want to hear from those people. Let’s talk about you and me, instead.

In this article, the author has asked her editorial team for their favorite techniques when they need a writing topic and there’s nothing bubbling at the moment.

Read what they came up with.

The One Page Transformational Marketing Map guides you through a comprehensive 12 step process explaining each step in detail and showing you a systematic way to grow your business.

This marketing journey is the exact process that we use at Innovabiz for our own marketing and also in our work with clients to deliver exceptional results! In fact, one or our clients recently reported an increase in annual net profit of 47% as a result of working with us and implementing this process!

You can get the Transformational Marketing Journey via the link on our home page.

Please join our community of awesome Marketing Transformers on Facebook and share your transformational journey with like-minded business owners.

6 Benefits of Mission-Driven Marketing — And How to Do It Right

by Dan S. Kennedy

In his book No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent, business coach and consultant Dan S. Kennedy shows you how to re-position your business, practice, or sales career so you can learn how to attract customers for whom price is not a determining factor.

In this edited excerpt, guest authors Nick Nanton and J.W. Dicks explain the benefits of mission-driven marketing and offer six tips to help you do it right.

The advantages of mission-driven marketing to the average business owner are large and ongoing. A few of those substantial benefits are covered in this article, especially when it comes to connecting with the affluent.

Read to find out.

Why Starting a Podcast Intrigues Forward-Thinking Content Marketers

by Kelton Reid

With the proliferation of bluetooth technology, increasing mobile usage, smart speakers, and connected cars and homes, even more audiences will be able to access your podcast just about anywhere they want.

But aren’t a lot of podcasts already clogging up the digital airwaves? Why would you want to start a podcast now?

Read this article and see why starting a Podcast can make forward content marketers be interested.


There is so much fantastic information that guests in my podcast have contributed over the time we’ve been conducting the interviews, so we thought that it would be good to revisit some of that awesome content.

Christie Hamilton: Benelds

In this episode number 33 of the InnovaBuzz podcast, Christie Hamilton of Benelds talked to us about business processes, marketing automation, Infusionsoft and being the best you can be. On this latter point, Christie pulls no punches, and described to us her criteria for a great customer. It’s another fascinating interview, so listen to the podcast here.

Read More and Listen to the Podcast…

That’s all for this week.


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