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Design is still about words: Typography in product design

Remove all text from a screen on your product and see what happens 😄

List five websites that you visit often — social networks, blogs, web applications, or something you are working on. Anything. Now imagine these sites without their text.

See how the web looks without type

Rhythm in web typography

Rhythm in typography is like rhythm in music. A text can either flow like a masterpiece symphony performed by an in-tune orchestra, or it can be a disjointed flimsy song by a one-man band wannabe. That’s why a well-tuned, rhythmic and proportional text will always triumph over a scrappy one. But, unlike in music, there are two types of rhythm in typography.

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Why 1+1=3

When we think of white space, many of us think of nothing. The most powerful concept in really understanding the way white space works is that of 1+1=3.

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The Elements of Typographic Style for Web

A take on Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style for the web. Bringhurst’s book has been referred to as a “typographer’s bible,” and this website translates Bringhurst’s principles to web design in an elegant yet accessible way.

Take a look around, read the introduction, and the first five principles in chapters 2.1.1 to 2.1.5. The rest of the short chapters are also a great read, extra points if you get the chance.

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This article is the first in a series of blogs we’ll publish. Follow us while we use the lockdown to learn about the fundamentals of design.




Innovaccer is the data activation platform to right the wrongs of healthcare technology. Sharing what’s been cooking in our design labs.

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Engineer by education, designer by choice. Passionate about systems, technology, sushi, and types. Head of Design at Innovaccer.

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