Winter was coming ❄️
It was that time of the college year when campus intern hiring was at its peak. Before the intern rush started to get to my head, I decided to get things done my way — it was time to hone some skills…

Sneaking in 👀

Decided then, I…

Apprenticeship is the age-old way of learning the trade secrets of a job. So is true for design. As you go find designers and organizations to work with, here’s something you can look for.


As you begin your career, the way your first few organizations will condition you is going…

For type sake poster

How do we manage to commit such crimes? Does it happen on its own? Was it intentional? Unintentional? Or was it just a typo? Majority of us will say it was an unintentional mistake, get over it. But what about the user? Poor them they get misled by these small…

Innovaccer Design

Redesigning Healthcare

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