Above: Innovadores Class of 2016 interns Ruben Rosquete, Laura Gutierrez, and Raynel Gonzalez (left) with Class of 2015 interns Gabriel Garcia, Gabriela Rodriguez, and Raul Saunders (right) with Innovadores Foundation Director Jonathan Matusky (center).

The 2016 Innovadores Interns

For the second year of our exchange program, the we’re once again sending three brilliant Cuban students to the United States to work at one of the premier startup incubators in the world. For these young Cubans, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity: a fully-funded trip to New York City for six weeks to intern at Grand Central Tech (GTC) in Manhattan. For us, it’s an opportunity to educate the next generation of Cuba on how innovation and technology development is done in the US.

The candidates were selected after an extensive search that included over 70 highly qualified applicants from Universities and high schools throughout Cuba. They were selected for their aptitude in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) as well as their passion for the Innovadores mission. They’ll be paired with an early-stage company currently in residence at GTC, working on project ranging from programming to design. The interns departed Havana today and will be in New York until mid-August.

Ruben Rosquete Toledo
Junior, Telecommunications at Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE)
Interested in telecommunications and improving internet access throughout Cuba.
Laura Gutiérrez Fariñas
Freshman, Programming at CUJAE
Passion for programming and design, with an interest in software and game development
Raynel González Irure
Senior at Raul Cepero Bonilla
Developing an app called MyAlmendron that improves the usability of the Havana transit system.

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