AirDrop Campaign 1.0 — Earn Free Hotel Coins!

Since the very beginning, we have wanted to be a communit-based project. Because of that, we have devoted 10% of our total token supply (worth $5.950.000) to the community. We will reward our supporters with coins with the aid of an AirDrop and Bounty Campaign.

How much you can get?

Let’s start with AirDrop 1.0, which is limited to the first 2000 users of our platform. We have devoted as much as 420,000 HCI tokens = $71,400 USD to the AirDrop Campaign 1.0!

To receive the tokens, you need to complete 6 required tasks where we will reward users with 70 HCI. There are 5 optional extra tasks where you can earn an additional 140 HCI!

In total you can recieve 210 Hotel Coins.

Airdrop token allocation:

  • 60% — Referral
  • 40% — Social Media activities

AirDrop token rewards:

General Rules

  • The AirDrop campaign starts on February 21st and ends when the token cap for AirDrop 1.0 is reached
  • Tokens earned in the campaign cannot be claimed sooner than the end of June 5th.
  • To participate in the AirDrop campaign you have to register on our Dashboard:
  • Tasks are verified and approved via our Blockchain Hotels Dashboard.
  • Tokens are sent straight to the account. From theere you can send them over to your personal wallet.
  • Participants can send us tasks for verification until the end of final ICO round. After that, tasks will be rejected.
  • The AirDrop Manager and the Team reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any moment.
  • Any kind of offensive or inadequate behaviour when promoting Blockchain Hotels will result in a ban from the AirDrop campaign.
  • The decisions of AirDrop Managers/Team are final.

How to join the AirDrop campaign:

1. Create an account on the Blockchain Hotels platform


If you still do not have an account, register by clicking the link above or use this guide.

2. Proceed to AirDrop tab

Here you will find additional tasks to perform. You should enter a message in the field on your right. For example: The name of your account that we attached to Telegram.

Task description:

1. Register your crypto-friends via Referral Links

The Blockchain Hotels Dashboard is equipped with a feature which allows its users to recommend joining the project. This is a powerful tool for earning tokens because if your referrals contribute during the sales rounds, you earn a 5% commission and your friend will get 1% extra of his order.

Besides that, we are going to reward you for the first 5 referrals via AirDrop.

In this task, you make a profit by recommending registration on our Blockchain Hotels Dashboard. The task is split in two options. One of them is required, the second is optional.

  • (required) Recommend registration to 1 friend who is interested in cryptocurrency and ICO market = 20 HCI
  • Refer 5 crypto-friends who are interested in cryptocurrency and ICO market = 80 HCI

In total, for referring 5 accounts you can earn 100 HCI.

2. Join Telegram

Telegram is our main channel of communication. Here you can ask us anything about the Blockchain Hotels project, have conversations with others, and get the latest info from our Team.

3. Follow us on Twitter

  • (required) Follow us on Twitter = 10 HCI

4. Like us on Facebook

On Facebook you can see official announcements, articles, videos and live shows.

5. Secure your account with Two Factor Authentication via SMS

This type of protection will provide the best results to secure your tokens. Therefore, 2-step Verification is required to receive an AirDrop campaign withdrawal.

Proceed to profile > 2-step Verification > Verification via SMS
  • Secure your account with 2-step Verification = 10 HCI

6. Join our Facebook group

In this closed Facebook group you can join discussions about the Blockchain Hotels project, have interactions with a great cryptocurrency community, and ask questions.

Join Facebook Group = 10 HCI

7. Join Messenger Notifications

From time to time we send important announcements via Messenger. You can subscribe our Messenger here:

Comment “ICO” and receive an automatic message with a confirmation of subscription request. Respond “START” to this message and that’s it.

Join Messenger Notification = 10 HCI

8. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

We treat this project as a community-based one. We want to show you how things are going, what we are working on, and what the status is. Transparency is very important to us. Because of that, we have created a YouTube Channel where you can see the entire process in our weekly vlogs.

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel = 10 HCI

9. Follow our Medium

News, announcements, tutorials and previews of important events — that’s what you can expect from our Medium.

Follow our Medium = 10 HCI

Telegram Chat: