Jungroo Learning: Spotlight

Creating a personalized learning journey for every student

May 31, 2018 · Unlisted

Jungroo Learning is an Artificial intelligence-powered companion for teachers and students.

Founded in 2017 by a Teach for India Alumnus and an ex-Amazon engineer, Jungroo envisions leveraging technology to cater to the unique learning needs of every child.

“The core problem we are solving is the slow growth in the learning levels of students, stemming from the inability to understand and cater to the unique learning needs of every student”

- Sethuraman, Co-founder & Teach For India Fellow ‘14

The innovation is deeply rooted in the founders’ personal experiences.

Sethuraman says that insufficient information about the learning levels of each student in his classroom impacted his effectiveness as a teacher during his two years of fellowship.

Cibe, who was at the time working with Amazon Education — was looking to understand the actual needs of the students in a classroom, and ended up as a volunteer in Sethuraman’s classroom.

Jungroo was a product of this collaboration — and is now poised to disrupt the assessment space in India.

Jungroo is an AI that mimics the role of a teacher to generate micro-level mastery information of students.

Students take up an assessment that adapts to their level. A personalized learning path is generated for every student based on their performance in the adaptive assessment. The students are also grouped based on their learning levels so the teachers can execute differentiated instructions.

Teachers are supported with a customized teaching plan for each student and group, which the teacher can readily use to plan their future lessons. Jungroo also customizes the report based on the needs of the different stakeholders (parents, teachers, and organizational heads) to make the data meaningful and useful for them.

“Our differentiating factor is the unique combination of our technological innovation — reinforcement learning algorithms backed by AI, and the fact that the framework is adaptive — varying across both difficulty and concepts across grade levels”

— Cibe Hariharan, Co-founder & ex-Amazon engineer

The solution is highly replicable —since Jungroo acts as a platform for other education organizations who can leverage the AI-powered framework to make their already existing content adaptive and intelligent.

Educators using Jungroo are better informed about their students and thus make wiser decisions to improve the learning levels of their students.

Jungroo Learning was inducted into the first cohort of InnovatED along with 7 other education entrepreneurs across the country. They have also been among the few selected for the Education Innovation Mentorship Program of Read Alliance, supported by USAID.

Jungroo envisions a day when — “assessments are used to learn about students, instead of having students learn for assessments.”

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