Happy Holidays from Innovatemap!

A look behind-the-scenes of our 2016 holiday card

Happy holidays from the Innovatemap team! We had some fun this year recreating one of the most legendary scenes in all of cinema:

Sourcing costume pieces was tough, but I think we managed to pull it off!

Some of us got very comfortable in our costumes:

Pre-photo, getting a feel for our costumes.

Hanging out on set:

(Left) Finding the perfect pole. (Right) Checking focus and framing…in the middle of the street.

Some Photoshop magic:

The original photo…then after some Photoshop

PS. And for those wondering, hot water + a firm tug will release a tongue from a frozen flagpole faster than you can say “OUTHH! THAT HURTHHSS!”

Bonus Content! The 2015 Innovatemap Holiday photo:

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