Possibly Past Due

It’s time. Possibly past due.

Innovating From the Front Row is being introduced as a vehicle for sharing the blended learning journey in Weld County School District 6 (Greeley-Evans). As we enter Year 4 of our Blended Learning Implementation Plan, we’ve learned much about personalizing education for our students and we’re excited to share! Our intent is to celebrate the good news and share lessons learned, inform our thinking with leaders in the field and spread tips and hacks.

Our work is grounded in a common belief that blended learning is the instructional strategy we implement to scale a personalized learning experience for each student. Blended learning occurs in a brick and mortar school building and adds the effective use of technology to transform the learning experience for students. Combining teacher-led instruction with high-quality digital educational content that is customized to a student’s needs and abilities is key.

With over 22,000 students, we’re actively involved in scaling practices bringing these ambitions to life. The entire Greeley-Evans community — students, teachers, staff, administration, families and business leaders — has been supportive through gifts of time, money, and interest. The Success Foundation and WCSD6 Board of Education have provided resources and support on our journey.

We structure for success through the work of our team in a district-coordinated approach. While schools have engaged in design workshops to determine how best to move their entire school community toward a more personalized approach, the entire team works together to enable achievement of our blended learning goals.

The Team

Instructional Technology Director: Deagan Andrews

Administrative Assistant: Barb Helton

Instructional Technology Specialist: Dawn Reed

Blended Learning Coaches: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tammy Hermance, Sharon Wright

Blended Learning Goals

• Improve student achievement • Differentiate and personalize instruction • Improve student attitudes towards learning • Increase student engagement • Dynamic classroom learning experiences •

Our hope is that your “front row” view of the work enables you to connect and learn along with us!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” — Vincent Van Gogh